New Moon in Gemini. Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for May 30 to June 5, 2016

Weekly Horoscope Overview
Weekly Horoscopes for each Sign are listed below after the overview:

This is a very busy week in the sky and in our lives, all because so many planets aligning for the Grand Mutable Cross are signifying our lives need to change.

Mercury and Pluto are in harmony on Monday making this the best day of the week for conversations and interactions with higher ups and authority figures. If you’re going on an interview, need to have a meeting, or are interested in a raise, this would be a good time to stand tall and showcase your intelligence and your strengths.

The rest of the week leads us towards the New Moon in Gemini on the weekend. This highlights the Grand Mutable Cross. This means planets are in each one of the elements in mutable signs.

The four points of this Grand Cardinal Cross: Venus and the Sun are in air sign Gemini. Jupiter is in earth sign Virgo, Saturn is in fire sign Sagittarius and Neptune is in water sign Pisces.

These planets are all interacting this week leading up the the New Moon in Gemini on Saturday.

The Sun in Gemini and Neptune in Pisces are at odds on Wednesday June 1st for the first interaction setting up the Mutable Grand Cross. This has us questioning what we understand as real in our lives. Is it real or is it a fantasy? Especially poignant is the consideration of the ego and how we may be living, or interacting with others that are living an illusion. For some it can even be delusion. Are your interactions with others honest and trustworthy?

Venus is also close to the Sun as he connects with Neptune. Love is a powerful force in our lives, but the delusions of the ego can make it difficult to truly communicate love with an open heart. If you notice others use words like love a lot in their interactions with you, the question now is, “Is it authentic? Are they really being genuine?” With Neptune and the Sun and Venus square with this Mutable Grand Cross it’s important to be aware of deception of the heart and mind. Flowery words can be used as a deceptive tactic to get what they want from you unfortunately. When it comes to Neptune in a tough position, what we see on the surface may not always be real and authentic, but could instead be a way to create false pretenses. But at the end of the day, know that you are only responsible for your own karma and you can choose better.

It can be more difficult to be trusting of others words now with this Grand Mutable Cross, unfortunately. Actions usually speak louder than words. With Mars retrograde in Scorpio, it’s important that you do take into closer consideration how people are behaving. There could be underlying, hidden motives revealing themselves between the lines. With Mercury, the ruler of communications now in Taurus, trust your gut when someone speaks and you’ll be better able to navigate if you believe what someone is saying or not.

Venus in Gemini and Neptune in Pisces are at odds on Friday, May 3rd. This further emphasizes how love can be an illusion and may not be as true as you’d hope. Remember to ground yourself and trust your gut first and foremost in your interactions with others. Venus is best when we are in tune with our bodies.

Do be more attentive to when someone says they love you or is overly affectionate. Hopefully it’s true and coming from an authentic place, but sometimes it just may be words used as a way to harness your affections or to get you to do what they want you to do. There can be a bit of a manipulative energy with this. If you find yourself having trouble recognizing if someone is honest and truly living from their heart, know that you can change your own karmic path to align with those that you do recognize are truly loving, instead of those that put on a show as a way of getting what they want from you. With Venus in Gemini at odds with Neptune in the mix, this can be especially true with social media and media personalities. Some may overly claim love for fans and followers they really don’t know personally, as a way of receiving adoration for themselves, to satisfy their own egos or to boost sales. With Mars retrograde, this can also hearken to the notorious used car salesman approach.

The Sun and Venus in Gemini both stand in opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius on Friday June 3rd as well as part of this Grand Mutable Cross. Honesty of others further comes into question. This also implores a change of heart and an assessment of how you are living your life responsibly or not. Are there obstacles in your way to living a joyous life? What work do you need to do to set yourself up for a more satisfying life? Are you using your time in a way that feels like it is developing your potential? Do you feel like you need to put more of your heart towards things that truly matter? Saturn now asks us to take a realistic look at the purpose of our lives.

The Grand Mutable Cross has us asking a lot of questions about where we’ve been and where we’re heading. It can feel a bit stressful this week, especially if you’re the type that doesn’t like change very much. Some of us may need some personal time to reflect. It can be difficult to get started in the right direction, but the roadblocks staring back at you can serve to remind you of what needs to change. Neptune though, can bring confusion and a lack of clarity in which direction you’re going in so do try to be compassionate with yourself.

The Grand Cross is further aligning on Saturday. This is the big day this week.

The Sun and Venus in Gemini connect with Jupiter in Virgo on Saturday June 4th. Though this is a challenging aspect as the planet involved in the Grand Cross configuration are at odds, Jupiter is a planet with a lot of positive energy. Since Jupiter is in harmony with Mercury in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn, these earth signs offer a sense of much needed stability and can help bring a more grounded energy. If your life feels chaotic this week, Saturday can offer you better insight to the changes you need to find greater stability.

The best solution is to do things that will ground your mind and body this week. Tap into that earth energy. Go for a walk. Put your feet in the sand or walk barefoot in the grass to help you clear your mind a bit.

The positive side of this week is that we need to get realistic about what our goals are, how secure we are, and how we are going to take smart steps towards achieving what really matters. Putting your time and energy towards the things you want to grow can help you make better decisions about what changes are necessary in your life. Work, career and financial changes are most highlighted now.

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The New Moon in Gemini is on Saturday, June 4, 2016 at exactly 10:59 pm ET.

This New Moon highlights the Grand Mutable Cross. We are ready for a new beginning. Though you may be confused about what the right direction for you is, and it can take some soul searching to figure it out, a need for change is necessary. You are most likely not able to find the answers you need on your own now. Communication with those you trust and who have a grounded, realistic perspective can help.

Although a Grand Cross can feel complicated and challenging, it brings into focus the 4 elements and how they work together. Each of these energies are an important part of our lives and ultimately they do need to work together in one way or another. Consider how plants and flowers teach us how to connect with the elements, the earth, the air, the water and the fire of the sun. It all works together to create beauty and life.

The New Moon asks that you make smarter choices, to pay closer attention to listening to your heart and your intuition, and to practice ways of getting grounded. Meditation is helpful, but if you’re the type with a wandering mind, a more practical approach, such as exercise and yoga, can help. Visiting natural environments to get away from the confusion and settle into a more peaceful state can be super helpful this week. We can always choose to tap into the potential, rather than get dragged down in circumstances. It really does come down to a matter of perspective, and perspectives can be changed.

Though there can be some fog to wade through, and obstacles to consider, you can certainly rise above. Changes are always necessary for life to continue growing. Now you get to move forward, and you can choose to ground yourself in positive energy. People who are naturally solid and grounded are your best allies. Consider them as your soil to help you plant your roots so you can be nourished, breathe fresh air and enjoy the sunshine.

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I hope you all have a wonderful, abundant week. Thank you for reading and sharing. I am so grateful for being a part of your routine. Enjoy the Horoscopes for each sign below. Namaste.

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Quick Overview of where the planets are this week:

The Sun is in Gemini
The Moon travels from Pisces to Gemini this week
Mercury is in Taurus
Venus is in Gemini
Mars is retrograde in Scorpio
Jupiter is in Virgo
Saturn is retrograde in Sagittarius
Uranus is in Aries
Neptune is in Pisces
Pluto is retrograde in Capricorn

Weekly Horoscopes for each Sign:
Insights and Advice for May 30 - June 5, 2016

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Aries: A big change of perspective is coming your way. Early in the week is a great time for you to communicate with higher ups. Interviews have the chance at doing well early in the week. If anything is restricting you from living your dreams, this week can give you a wake up call. The need for changes may be well overdue. Though there can be a lack of clarity in decisions, focusing on finances, career and organizing your life can give you the sense of security you need to move forward with greater confidence.

Taurus: You and the other earth signs are likeliest to have blessings bestowed on you this week. Although there can be a lot of confusing energy in the air, and it’s not the easiest week to make best decisions, your strength is in being grounded in who you are. You are sure to know and assert yourself as smarter than you may usually get credit for. Though your finances may go through a bit of a wiggle this week, and you may even find out secrets others have been holding back, you will be able to create a much better life that is more attuned to prosperity. At the end of the day, do what’s best for the bigger vision you have for your life. Spend time in nature to reclaim your identity, or go for a massage and connect with the power of the physical world. This is an important time for you to realize your self worth and your financial value. Your time is worth as much as anyone else's.

Gemini: This week you get a New Moon. This New Moon requires you to make changes that directly reflect who you believe yourself to be. That may not be so easy, and can require some soul searching. You may feel like you need a change of career, home, or your relationships. Meditate on it, preferably in natural surroundings, to help you feel more grounded. When decisions must be made in which direction to go, it’s best to be calm and level headed first. What others want and expect of you may not be in your best interest. Though confusion is in the air, trusting your core values will help you find your power.

Cancer: Whatever is going on behind the scenes is not always apparent. This week you may find out information that is not so much to your liking, but it can help you to realize that you need to make a change. Ultimately it is your karma that is going through a shift. The past can not be changed, but the future is yours to decide. Though you may not be able to make the best decisions this week with the confusion in the air, conversations with friends and groups important to you can help you gain some clarity and a sense of stability. Focus on bigger and better things and you will be sure to sail in a direction with more empowered relationships.

Leo: You need new people in your life - people you can talk to, that you love and you trust. But is it always easy to find the right people best suited to your personality? Well, everyone that is in our lives impacts our life in one way or another. Some better than others. You don’t have to make a firm decision now on who is and who isn’t your best allies, but you should get some mixed messages that have you considering the idea further. Getting a more solid plan in place for your daily life, fixing your schedule and thinking about work is your better area of focus now. This can help you lean towards growing your income and feeling more solid and grounded.

Virgo: There is a random, changeable quality to this week that could have some feeling like they are on a roller coaster. You may notice this more in relationships, career and family, but you don’t have to get as caught up in it as most others will. You, like Taurus and Capricorn, tend to have a more solid footing to stand on this week than many others. You could actually be someone’s rock if they’re going through a rough patch. Thinking about the bigger possibilities of your life, especially those that can take you on a philosophical tangent, can bring you a variety of ideas. The ones that make you feel most grounded and creative are the ones to surround yourself with. A change in your sense of identity can lead to creative growth.

Libra: Venus close to the New Moon in fellow air sign Gemini is in harmony with you this week. However, the Grand Cross can lead to confusion. Aspiring to do something wonderful with your life, to gain wisdom, to travel, and to experience more of the world may be something you’d like, but you may not be able to figure out how you could do it. The confusion about how to get all your ducks in a row to create a better reality can force a change in you. Knowing you need to make a change so that you can live higher wishes is the starting point for you this week. Fantasizing may be as close as you can get now. Investigate the practical requirements to get yourself going. The desire to change your home life can inspire you to think more of the big changes you want for your life overall.

Scorpio: You now have Mars retrograde in your sign. This can have you questioning your identity and your motivations. If anger or frustration is with you, or if you feel more tired than usual, you could find yourself realizing how exercise can be an important part of your life, and help improve your self esteem. This week you are also likely to realize that being creative requires more time and effort than it seems.Observing or even shadowing the process of others can grant you access to a variety of ideas. If you feel financially restricted, or are worried about money, this week is going to prompt you to dig deeper to access resources. You may not get the resources you need, but the process can give you a fresh perspective you can benefit from. Talking with friends about how to make necessary changes to get your life in order can be very helpful.

Sagittarius: As an important part of the Grand Mutable Cross this week, you could find yourself needing to get a new perspective on what’s possible for your life. If things are moving at a slower pace than you hope, your mind could be grasping in many directions. Finance and career are the more positive areas of life to focus on to help you get more grounded overall. Tweaking your schedule so you have more time to put towards manifesting goals helps you to feel more firmly planted. The New Moon at the very end of the week can inspire changes long overdue. Mixed messages in relationships can prompt you to make an effort to be better understood. A point of view you overhear could have you questioning your own dreams for your career and home life.

Capricorn: You, along with the other earth signs, are generally able to grasp and handle the energy of the week better than others. With your natural leadership qualities, and a sense of being grounded in yourself, the changeable quality of the week may feel a bit off, but you are likely to stay better focused on what matters to you. You won’t be immune to confusion, especially when in conversations with others who are all over the place, but you can stay more level headed by focusing more on your own hopes, wishes and ways to be creative. Entertainment, like movies and music, can give you a healthier space to distance yourself from storm clouds. If you are traveling, do be extra attentive to changing schedules. If the plan you’ve been working on isn’t working, this week should give you a wake up call for a fresh start.

Aquarius: You may be feeling confused about work or your financial situation and want access to bigger resources, friends and acquaintances could remind you of your own need to be more responsible. If you’ve been living the high life spending more than you should, the reality of debt could settle in prompting you to make a responsible change. Debt and borrowed money tends to grow with compound interest of course. If you have been brushing your financial reality aside in favor of your dreamier side, you could have a wake up call this week.The New Moon at the end of the week can prompt you to create financially smarter changes that are long overdue. Reaching for a higher power could work in your favor when you're conscious of your karma. The law of attraction could give mixed results. It all depends on your truest intentions.

Pisces: As part of the Grand Cross this week, the Moon starts off in your sign on Monday and by the weekend is in Gemini for the New Moon. Your feelings are an important part of how you navigate the week, but they could be mixed. One minute you may feel like you’re ready to be of service to others, then the next you may feel like you’re not sure which direction you want to go in. The best option for you is to talk about it. This will help you feel more grounded and can help you connect better in your relationships with others. Connections with groups of people or friends can help you feel more grounded. Family and home life can benefit from changes that are long overdue. Though you won’t likely have all the answers this week on how to get started, the doors of change are opening.

What Does Your Astrology Chart Reveal For You?

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