New Moon in Taurus Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for May 2 to 8, 2016

Weekly Horoscope Overview
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Giovanni Maria Falconetto -
Sign of Taurus, Sala dello Zodiaco Fresco (1515-1520)
It’s a New Moon in Taurus this week. The Sun is in Taurus. Venus is in Taurus and Mercury is retrograde in Taurus.

Mercury retrograde in Taurus now symbolizes getting in touch with reality. If you’re the type that lives in your head a lot, and are always thinking, this is the time to take a step back and get in touch with your body and bring your attention to the physical reality of the material world.

With Mercury retrograde, it's a good idea to practice being more mindful now.

It’s time to slow down in your decisions, take another look at the details, and collect more information. The intention is to get real about what you really want. Taurus is the sign of wanting, owning and possessing material things.

More mundane, everyday concerns including work and money as well as the process of acquiring things you would like to have asks for your closer attention.

With Mercury retrograde, Venus in Taurus, and the New Moon in harmony with Jupiter and Pluto, we take another look at the things we have and want, and consider what our material things are worth to our lives. It's time to create a new relationship with the earth, your body and nature.

This can be a great time for collectors, or even hoarders, to reconsider the attachments and value of material goods. Some of us may want to clean out the old, to make room for new, or take a more minimalist approach, valuing only our most prized possessions and getting rid of what we no longer want. There can be a sentimental quality where material items we’ve held onto bring up memories and nostalgia.

Since Mercury is retrograde, if you get rid of something, it’s best to be absolutely sure. Instead of chucking things out on a whim, it’s better to be patient, and take it slow in deciding. It’s better to organize your things so that you become more conscious of what your attachments are now. You can always throw out what you no longer want or need in a few weeks once Mercury is direct. It’s better to be absolutely sure as you may change your mind frequently.

Mercury retrograde is also the trickster. You may notice yourself misplacing your physical items, such as your keys, wallet, purse, clothing items and the like more often than usual now. Designating a specific spot, and a routine, helps keep things clear so your life can (hopefully) run more smoothly. People who are klutzy, may notice banging into things and dropping things more than usual as well. If you are dealing with real estate or a big purchase be sure to read the fine print closely before you sign anything. Give yourself time to read through things thoroughly and ask questions.

Make sure you reread any forms you fill in online to be sure the information and options are as you want before clicking submit.

You may also find yourself changing your mind often during Mercury retrograde. Patience and paying attention to your feelings can be helpful in making better decisions.

Life can be stressful. Remember, there is real power in saying, "No." That single word can change everything.

Mercury retrograde in Taurus can also signify cutting down on spending, or putting your money towards only the most important things. Spontaneous decision making is not recommended. Putting a lot of money down on an item can lead to regrets in a few weeks. Instead, write down what you want to spend on. In a few weeks, if the item is still available you can make a better decision at that time.

In terms of finances on a global scale in the stock market, just know that nothing can grow forever. Though investors always want more and more year after year, it’s simply impossible for growth to continue forever. Nature teaches us that there is always cycles of growth and decay. Nothing lasts forever. The material world recycles energy. The flow of money and production of material goods is subject to the same laws. We now take some time to consider what is really worth time and money. On personal levels, we are each likely to find that what we feel is worth spending our money on is changing.

Venus in Taurus wants the beautiful, the delicious and the down to earth. She emphasizes pleasures of the material world. Here with Mercury retrograde, it’s a great time to get in touch with body-mind awareness. Getting a massage is recommended. I have a background in massage therapy, and I recall one of my teachers saying that “Massage is meditation for dummies.”

There are many ways to get grounded and connected to your body and the earth. With Venus in Taurus and Mercury retrograde we are reminded to come out of being in the head so much and enter into being more present with the body.

Foods are likely to be more delectable and enticing now. The act of working with textures, colors and scents makes cooking and preparing visually beautiful and delicious foods the perfect practice for Venus in Taurus.

Fragrances can bring back memories from your past as well. If you’re particularly forgetful, scents can help jog your memory and can be used as an aid to studying.

Wearing more earthy jewelry and natural stones is well suited to Venus in Taurus. There is a highly sensual context to the next few weeks. Appreciation for all your senses, especially enjoying natural surroundings, scents, and flavors of natural foods and fragrances of fruits, vegetables is highlighted.

Singing as a way of getting in touch with yourself is recommended as well. Physical movement through more passive and slow moving activities like graceful dancing, tai chi or yoga can be so helpful in helping you get grounded in your body and in reality.

Artists, poets, musicians and creatives of all types can find getting down to exploring the work brings blessings. Appreciation of what manifests is likely to change frequently. The process leads to growth.

It’s officially a New Moon in Taurus on Friday May 6, 2016 at 3:29 pm EDT.

The New Moon emphasizes getting reconnected to all that is mentioned above. Where have you been neglecting a healthier connection to your physical body and the material world around you? It’s a great time to create a new relationship to the material world. The question to ask yourself is, “What do I want to manifest?”

Jupiter and Pluto are in harmony with the New Moon in Taurus. This is a powerful time to create change in your life to manifest what you want.

Jupiter is retrograde in Virgo and will go direct next week on May the 9th. So, if you haven’t been getting your life in order over the past few months, use this final week of Jupiter retrograde wisely to set yourself up for success.

Consider how you can change the processes of your day to day routine and lifestyle. Having a look at your plans is recommended. This could be a business plan, your travel plans, or your schedule and how you live your life day to day. Is your daily routine and lifestyle efficient and effective in getting you to where you want to go? Are you setting yourself up for success so you can reach towards your big dreams? With Mercury retrograde you may overlook details, or you may actually find things you had overlooked before and needs adjustment. Admitting what you are doing wrong can lead to new ideas and considerations on how to move forward.

The energy of change will become increasingly potent next week. Are you ready to move your life towards your big dreams?

With Pluto in Capricorn in harmony, this can signify taking on a more empowering role to achieve your goals. Being grounded and connected to the earth and your body helps you to be more sensitive to trusting your gut instincts. Seeking your own power and figuring out what you really want for your life is on tap this week. It’s a great time to consider how else you can make suitable income so you feel more stable and secure so you can meet your basic needs and have extra to put towards manifesting goals. Taking a closer look at your debts and how you manage your money is recommended now. Wealth takes on new meaning. What does wealth mean to you?

Look to role models and authority figures as guides. Experts in the area of life you want to grow for yourself can help you understand the steps necessary to get there. Gathering lots of information during Mercury retrograde is recommended. Gems of wisdom that are valuable are likely to be a part of the collection you gather. You can sift through the details further in a few weeks when Mercury goes direct.

Write down your thoughts and ideas now with the intention of personal development and growth in your everyday life, work and career goals. Ideas that may seem fickle at first can lead to further research and exploration. Though not all information will be useful, be open to receiving, as the process will help you revise, re-envision and reformulate your next steps.

For many, this week and the next will include a process of purging old ideas. A lifestyle change is on the horizon. Taking a look at what you no longer want will help you realize what really matters to create the life you want.

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Quick Overview of where the planets are this week:

The Sun is in Taurus
The Moon travels from Pisces to Gemini this week
Mercury is retrograde in Taurus
Venus is in TaurusMars is retrograde in Sagittarius
Jupiter is retrograde in Virgo
Saturn is retrograde in Sagittarius
Uranus is in Aries
Neptune is in Pisces
Pluto stations retrograde Capricorn on Monday, April 18, 2016 at 3:26 am EDT

Weekly Astro-Tarot Horoscopes - Insights and Advice for each Sign for May 2 to 8, 2016

During Mercury retrograde over the next few weeks, I'm going to be updating the Weekly Horoscopes for each sign with additional information on Thursdays. Have a great week! 

Aries: It’s recommended that you take another look at your financial situation, particularly how you earn your income. Can you cut on spending on food, home and reduce the cost of some necessities so you have a stronger bottom line? If you’re considering getting another job, this isn’t the best time to go for an interview, but it is a good time to do some research. The process of seeking employment opportunities can conjure up new ideas on what’s possible for you. Any feelings of insecurity that may come up are temporary. You have a lot of skills to emphasize. Be grateful for what you have and know that you have options. If you’ve been feeling particularly stressed, spending more time in tune with your body and nature instead of living so much in your mind can help considerably. Take care of yourself and unwind this week for better well being overall. If you're spending too much time on electronic devices, grab a book for a change of pace. Get back down to earth.

Taurus: Happy New Moon in Taurus! This week marks a fresh start in who you recognize yourself to be. You’re growing up and you are going to understand yourself differently with this New Moon. You may realize or admit things about yourself that you often overlook. A nostalgic look back on your life is healthy for you and can bring up much gratitude for the good things you’ve had and have. Get in touch with your body, and take some time to savor all the blessings your senses offer you to experience. It’s an excellent time to start a new meditation practice, get a massage or refresh your yoga routine with sun salutations. You deserve time for your well being and getting to know yourself better. Appreciate your life and love yourself. You’re worth it. Look in the mirror and see yourself with new eyes. It's time to rethink your identity.

Gemini: Reverence and gratitude for what you have can change the way you think about your life significantly. There’s always the opportunity to change how you think about your life, and this week a new perspective is particularly valuable. Looking back on the things that matter, and the people that have been a part of your life can renew your spirit, bringing warmth and hope to your life. It’s a great time to visualize new dreams you have for the big picture of your life and consider practical ways you can make your dreams a reality. Take a look at your finances, particularly your mortgage and debts. Do you need to make a change to your credit card spending habits? Is what you’re spending money on giving you the lifestyle you really want for you and your family? Where do you need to change your habits so you’re using your time and efforts best? Time pondering the magic and beauty of nature can lead to creative ideas, particularly if you're a writer or artist.

Cancer: It’s time to consider who it is that you most value as part of your life. Are the people you have in your life bringing you valuable experiences? Do you need to make a few changes in who you associate with? Take your time in answering these questions. You don’t need to kick anyone to the curb necessarily, but it could do you well to think about prioritizing who gets more of your time. Strangers and new acquaintances that show up this week can have you rethinking the types of people you want in your life. Conversations that flow best will give you a clue. Relationships that feel like they are bombarded with resistance can be gently set to the side now as you prioritize the types of people and situations you most want to experience day to day. Welcome new messages from various sources with an open mind. Someone beautiful could cross your path making you do a double take.

Leo: It’s a great time to rethink your career. Are you putting your energy towards the things that you feel are most valuable to your life? Are you working towards rewards that matter to you? A change in how you make money and the work you do is up for consideration. You don’t need to jump the gun and decide right away, but it is a good time to explore ideas. The New Moon this week can inspire you to start moving towards what matters. It’s important that you love what you do. Your money situation has the potential to change gears in the coming weeks, and it’s your work-life schedule that needs your attention. Write down your goals and prioritize the type of work and lifestyle you want. If you are offered anything in your career, from a raise to a new position, look at the fine print closely. Try to be clear in what you say as other can misinterpret the message, especially if you're overheard from the sidelines.

Virgo: A harmonious New Moon this week can renew your faith in yourself and the direction of your life. Jupiter is spending his last week with you in retrograde and will go direct next week. A lot of personal power is with you. Focusing on the big dreams you have for yourself can give you an all new perspective on what you’re meant to do with your life. Though you have a knack for analytical thinking, it is your creative side that spurs you forward now. Creating anything at all that is from the heart and has lasting value will bring you confidence. Artistry, and your attention to detail, coupled with fresh inspirations can lead to magnificent creations. It’s a good time to turn off your inner critic and enjoy the experience of the work you’re doing. You are now going through a process of transformation that asks you to take matters into your own hands. Travel plans require extra special care and attention to the details. If you're on the road or in the air, try to be early for departures.

Libra: Just about everyone has some form of debt, whether it’s a mortgage, credit cards or loans of various types. Well, this week the New Moon has you taking another look at your financial resources and asking yourself lots of questions. Is what you’ve been spending on really worth it? Are the physical items you’ve acquired worth having to deal with the monthly payments plus interest. How is your access to financial resources and owing back improving or diminishing your quality of life overall? It’s not a great time to take out more debt, particularly for lofty ideas or to put towards home renovations. But, it is a good time to reconsider how you’re spending money, and finding ways to be smarter about your financial bigger picture. Consider a long term budget and explore your options so you can be less worried and more empowered. Your curiosities could lead you in all kinds of directions and slow you down. Remember to come back down to earth if you get lost.

Scorpio: The New Moon this week has you reconsidering your relationships. People from your past may ask for your attention this week bringing you a trip down memory lane. Some people you communicate with and share your life with may not be as they seem. The trickster energy is with us with Mercury retrograde now. If you aren’t clear, ask, and ask again if necessary. Issues of jealousy may come up as well. New romantic encounters are possible, but it’s likely they won’t last long term. The way you communicate and interact with people is likely to change focus this week so that conversations are more valuable. Small talk can seem pretty pointless this week if it’s not leading you to valuable insights. The New Moon can help you realize who is worth your time. It is those that are most loving and have beautiful hearts that will capture your greatest attention. Personality traits, characteristics and body language of others that you usually don't pay attention may have more of your attention this week. Someone from your past is likely to come to mind.

Sagittarius: How is your day to day routine going? Do you feel like what you’re spending your time on is valuable and can lead to meaningful rewards? To gain better appreciation of your time an honest assessment of what you’re doing day to day is required. The next few weeks are likely going to have you asking yourself a lot of questions about your schedule and the lifestyle it affords. Serious reflection on your career direction is due this week. Jupiter will go direct next week asking you to start taking real, practical actions towards your higher aspirations. You want to feel like you’re not wasting your time on things that don’t matter. This week, write down what you want and what matters so you can reflect on which way you really want your life to go. Thinking about how you can move forward with more personal power and stability is your priority. Work can require extra special attention to detail now. More focus can lead to beautiful results.

Capricorn: Nothing transforms you the way nature does. Your internal process of transformation requires that you get in touch with the material world. Your senses come alive when you spend time in nature. The beauty of the natural world inspires your creative side to flourish now even more than usual. It’s important that you have goals, you know this more than just about any sign, but you also need time to just be present, to feel embodied and connected to the beauty around you. Do a bit of research on travel this week, to places that will reconnect you to the pleasures of the natural world. A walk in the forest, photographing natural spaces and the beauty of architectural features of buildings are excellent ways for you to experience being present in the now. Vintage films can inspire a new path of creativity for you, and meditation can boost your self confidence considerably now. The New Moon encourages you to try your hand at creating something beautiful and creative.

Aquarius: Decorating your home, especially with earthy, natural decor will tune you into the season. More houseplants are recommended to beautify your space. If you’re finding some conversations are bringing confusion or misinterpretations it’s ok to step away and have your own space. A positive, lively home space can help establish a better flow of energy. Relaxing with a cup of tea, giving yourself time to reflect in the comfort and privacy of your own home can help you come back down to earth. If you’re house-hunting, you may come across some duds, but the process of exploration is likely going to be worth it overall. It’s not the time to sign paperwork, but it is time to look around and get ideas. If you haven’t felt like the financial resources you would like to have are available, that can change in the coming weeks. Take a look at the big picture of the lifestyle you want and you’ll be able to surmise what level of financial resources you’ll need. A new level of comfort in your own skin can be found this week. Your surroundings will play an important part.

Pisces: The misinterpretations, misconceptions and miscommunications that are all possible this week have hidden value. You may not realize it at first, but the confusion that may arrive this week at random is highly likely to lead you to seek out better information. It is the act of asking more questions, and doing more research that is required of you now. The eventual result is knowing that a more effective communication process is necessary. Being down to earth in your interactions with others helps. Pretentiousness can be highly obvious. If anyone you interact with seems like they are hiding something, being dishonest or pulling a fast one, asking questions can get to the bottom of it pretty quickly. Though Mercury is playing tricks this week, the benefit is that the need for clarity is that much more obvious and a new approach of communicating becomes necessary. Your relationships are entering a transitional phase asking you to consider how to bring more adventure to your life. Trust that the best is yet to come.

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