Enjoy Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for June 21, 2016

Summer is finally here! *Happy International Yoga Day

Today we move in a new direction. One that is guided by imagination. Looking at the world from a more mystical point of view, an understanding of reality emerges that you most likely never thought of. There is wisdom embedded in the world that we often overlook. There is poetry at every corner and music in every flower. It is found in pools of water, or droplets from the sky bathing luscious leaves, rushing waves or running rivers. It is the earth and the water.

This is an excellent day for creative types in arts, music, photography, film, poetry and all forms of intuitive interests.

When you approach life from a hopeful, observant perspective, you will notice the lucky side of life more. Seeing things through the eyes of gratitude changes your energy, the energy you experience in the world and the energy you give the world.

To feel connected to the earth, your body, the physical world is to feel empowered now. It is where we live. It is where all the magic happens that we experience in this lifetime. Enjoy the goals and achievements you set out for yourself and how they change you. Do you like your New Daily Horoscopes on Symbolic Living? Let me know by answering this poll here please. 

~ Namaste, Love and Light

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