Enjoy Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for June 24, 2016

Life gives us a whole spectrum of emotional experiences. Anger is simply another expression of energy that is often a natural reaction to challenges and obstacles. Knowing something that isn’t working needs to change is a good thing. Sometimes a strong emotional charge is what is necessary to brings out the motivation to create a different reality.

There is a good chance that frustration can be the catalyst to waking up to an important change today. Acknowledging whatever has been getting in your way of living with more freedom will set you up for better, smarter, wiser choices. Clean up any messes so you can have a clearer way forward.

When the Moon enters Pisces late in the day, it’s time for calm, relaxation and reflection on the meaning of your life. Take some time to care for yourself. Pondering life’s bigger questions is good for the soul.

~ Namaste

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