Enjoy Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for June 27, 2016

Today, most of us see astrology as a meaningful system that provides us with a doorway into our psychology, behavior and experiences in, and of, the world. It is a way to understand life more deeply. It is often forgotten that so much of our understanding of life today has its roots in the ancient world. Hundreds, and thousands of years ago, mythology, spirituality and magic were just a normal part of everyday life. They saw each moment of life as being infused with deep meaning, with messages for them to interpret and understand to be found everywhere. So much of our customs, values, morals, ethics, beliefs, rules and structure of life have been with humanity for ages, slowly evolving over time as we change. History has brought us to where we are…

Today, we are ripe for wisdom to reach us. A realization can slowly flow into your heart today that sends you into a whole other stratosphere of understanding what love is. Whether it is love for yourself or for others, love is so broad, so expansive, it can touch everything we do in life. Every person, every animal, every breath we take, if seen from the heart can be seen as having such depth of meaning in each moment. A heartfelt connection with family and those closest to the heart is good for the soul today, even if only a trip down memory lane. Enjoy the good memories. Send some love to your ancestors that are no longer with us is a nice gesture. You are here today because of them.

When you use your time well today, you will feel best. Let your heart be there for yourself and others now. Your strongest feelings today can be the keys to get you started moving in a new direction.


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