Enjoy Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for June 30, 2016

Today should be pretty positive overall relatively speaking. Mars is now on his way to moving forward in Scorpio and the Moon is connecting sweetly with quite a few planets today. This is great for creative people as well as those financially minded.

Music should definitely be a background choice for the day. It can just make the time flow better. Artists may find the feminine, goddess type of archetype to be especially inspiring now. The home deserves a touch of beauty and homemade decor is just as suitable as pricier options, and more creative.

A warm shower, or luxurious bath are equally as satisfying to the body. We’ll be thinking a lot more about taking care of our comforts for the next few weeks. It’s a great time to nurture yourself. A massage can not be recommended enough.

It’s a good day for goal setting. Work, career and finance are well aspected today. Whatever you know you want that would be emotionally fulfilling is a good place to start. Wanting to learn through the process is a healthy approach to the day.

Other people could instigate changes in the way you feel emotionally, especially if they are going through a significant personal change. If you can stay grounded and focus on the good things the day has to offer, you can leave any drama behind and focus on what matters most.

Venus and Pluto remind us that relationships are what changes us most in life. Though traditions are different from one family to another, and everyone has their own unique goals, love is the real bond that connects us all. A sentimental, heartfelt approach when dealing with others, especially if you’re dealing with anyone that has a strong personality, can soften the exchange for better results, at home and at the office.

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