Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for June 27 to July 3, 2016

Weekly Horoscope Overview
Weekly Horoscopes for each Sign are listed below after the overview:

The Iris symbolizes love, royalty, faith, wisdom.
(Greek goddess Iris)
The rainbow bridge between heaven and earth.
Venus in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces are are in harmony on Monday, setting the stage for a week of emotional, heartfelt realizations.

This can be the beginning of a new phase of spiritual and emotional well being for many of us. There is a more maternal, feminine quality to this week, where we experience more depth to our feelings. Feelings of sentimentality this week are there to lead you to an awakening by the end of the week.

The higher energy is there but many could be still drawn into lower energy. By moving beyond our basic needs, transcending to another point of view, we can live at a more positive, abundant energy level that can color our entire lives. Use your heart to transcend to the next level of awareness now and pour that wisdom into all you do in the world.

Speaking of the spectrum of higher and lower energy... you’ve probably heard of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. At the bottom of the pyramid is the basic physiological requirements for survival, like food, water, shelter; essentially, the things we receive while growing in our mother’s womb. But these basic needs are also with us throughout our lives, and must always be attended to in order for us to grow into our potential.

Most of us work each day to meet our daily requirements for survival. But, instead of being provided for, we often need to provide for ourselves. Once we are able to meet our necessities then we have more freedom to enjoy and go after our larger ideals. But sometimes, or often times for many, when having difficulties meeting those basic needs, it can consume a lot of time that distracts from the time to focus on higher ideals.

But the question is, what is it all for? Life? All that work to survive has to be for something bigger than just getting by, right?

Well, Venus in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces are bringing this realization forward this week, and love is at the center of it all. Venus is the goddess of love and rules the relationships of the heart. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus. Whether they be mother and child, friends, pets, family members, or romantic relationships, it is the heart that rules all our authentic bonds. Neptune in Pisces is the higher consciousness, more of a Divine love, the kind of love that is spiritual, philosophical, and gives life more meaning beyond just the physical senses.

Neptune in Pisces is about karma, ancestors and the afterlife. It is also about higher spiritual concepts like heaven and transcendent mystical ideas. With Venus in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces in harmony, we realize the higher importance of family, relationships, and the role of sharing love in our lives.

A couple of weeks ago I had a realization about the deep concept of heaven. Survival, our most primal instinct ingrained in each and every one of us since the beginning of each of our lives, is the very foundation of the concept of hope for the future. Life really is short, it goes by so quickly and we all want to survive, and become more.

The need for survival goes beyond just maintaining our current material existence, it reaches much further in time. The desire for survival leads to the hope that there is something after this lifetime, that we get to be in the presence of loved ones again, that we survive somehow forever, happily ever after. Generally, life wants to continue living. No matter what form life shows up in on earth, life wants to live. As emotional beings, we want to continue to love and be loved forever.

But, we also know that the universe has rules. We only get to live for so long as the physical people we are here on earth. And that requires that we surrender to those grand, sacred rules that have been set in place beyond our comprehension and govern over all of reality.

There is a wisdom and intelligence that is beyond our own minds, playing out in the universe. Our hearts beat and our cells do what they do, all on their own. They are already set by a program running the rules behind the scenes. Life is a process that does what it does regardless of what we think or believe. That is not only humbling, but incredibly awe inspiring.

Venus and Neptune in harmony has us asking all kinds of questions this week, pondering the meaning of our lives, of love, and what the higher purpose of it all is. For each of us, in our own way this week, we are asked to feel our lives more deeply, more emotionally and more spiritually.

On Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, self-actualization is the highest attainment. When 2026 roles around, each of us are going to head into an all new realization about who we are. Between now and then, we have lots of lessons to learn about love and the source of all that is. The purpose of life will continue to call us to reach into our hearts and souls more deeply.

This is a great week to meditate on and ponder higher ideals for our lives. Exploration of the higher chakras in particular from the heart up to the crown are recommended if you’re interested in such concepts of energy and consciousness.

It is very important to be supportive to the people around you, especially those you sense need it. Your words and warmth you provide can make others feel so much better. Also be sure to take care of yourself, and treat yourself right. Go get a massage if you need to get back in touch with your body, mind and spirit.

In all that you do, let love be the guide to the service you provide.

Mercury enters Cancer on Wednesday, June 29, 2016 at 7:24 p.m. EDT. This is a time to start thinking more in line with the motherly, caring, nurturing perspective. Thoughts and feelings will become more united over the next few weeks. This would be a great time to meditate, go to the spa, and read romantic novels or watch emotionally significant movies to get a better understanding of your feelings and the feelings of others.

Empathy plays a big role this week. With Venus in Cancer reaching out to Neptune, understanding that we are all in this together, as part of the collective universal intention, having love, faith, and compassion for one another can help guide you towards kinder decisions towards all life.

Mars stations direct in Scorpio on Wednesday as well, at 7:28 p.m. EDT. This is just a few moments after Mercury enters Cancer. Scorpio is another emotional water sign, but highly charged, especially with Mars here.

With Mars having been retrograde there’s been a big push to pay closer attention to behavior, reactions, underlying motivations and emotions this month, particularly anger and frustration. The strong feelings that come up after having been suppressed or buried for too long are especially in focus.This is a turning point of how you do things. Some of your actions and reactions need to change so you can move forward with more personal power.

Interactions with others that you have psychological differences with can also be highlighted at this turning point. Hopefully you’ve learned a lot about your feelings and how to manage your actions and reactions better over the past month.

Now, with Mars going direct, hopefully you can begin to move forward with stronger willpower and direction having corrected behaviors and reactions that needed fixing.

Mars has a lot to do with the ego and power. While Mars stations direct in Scorpio, it could be emotionally difficult for some. Shifts in anger and frustration, blame, jealousy and envy could possibly be stirred up. Misunderstanding which way energy is being directed is possible. Some people's actions and behavior could reveal their secrets or their fears.

If someone has been manipulative, conniving, or any of those harsh, negative traits people sometime's fall into, a call out to change is likely going to have to take a stand. Since we have lots of love this week with Venus and Neptune, we are reminded that compassion works best.

Money issues could also resurface. If you are experiencing a change in your financial situation, it is likely you will look to other options now. The need for security can prompt renewed action.

Mars making a turn can also signify an emphasis on competitiveness. If someone you see is working hard to stroke their own ego, or is trying to outdo you, show themselves as above you, or trying to make you jealous, it doesn't really matter. That's their karma and their life they are dealing with. What other people do with their lives, is up to them. You don't have to get drawn into other people's ego games. The truth is you don't want to live their life anyway, what really matters is how you live your own. Put your karma above your ego.

This is a great time to get rid of old outworn attitudes, thoughts and behavior you no longer need. Issues will come up to think about that you don't necessarily like, but will be exactly what is needed to remind you of how important it is to let go of negativity. Toxic behavior is best left behind.

The Mars station direct changes now can lead to breakthroughs that inspire better actions moving forward.

With Mars direct in water sign Scorpio, hopefully you can assert your willpower in the world in a way that is not only empowering for yourself, but for others as well. By taking a leadership role in your actions, with a more refined behavior, attitude and approach, hopefully you can do good in the world. Knowing you are not an island, but are part of each and every person’s life you touch, taking better actions can help you and others all around.

Venus and Pluto are at odds on Thursday, June 30, 2016. This is the challenge between the matriarch and the patriarch. The maternal side wants to be comforting, loving, giving, and puts survival of family and loved ones first, while the patriarchal side wants power, influence, ambition and dominance. This can be expressed thoroughly in the conflict between personal feelings opposed to the stronghold of politics and business now.

Politics, business, and the economy are an interconnected system and is certainly a giant animal that can be overbearing to our everyday, personal lives in one way or another. Can love make a difference? This reminds me of the love movement of the 60s as a counterculture to the politics of the day. Do you believe love can win? People before corporations is a likely sentiment now.

Happy Canada Day! On July 1st, Venus and Jupiter are in harmony. This is great for putting more love into the work you do. Whatever role you play day in and day out, being more loving and caring can make a difference in how you and others around you experience life. It is often the little things that lead to big changes. A little love goes a long way. Something as simple as making a meal for someone can touch their heart, provide comfort and reassurance. Isn’t that what life needs, more reassurance, more love, more hope, more generosity and care?

The Sun in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces are in harmony on Sunday. This just reiterates and shines a lot more light on the Venus-Neptune connection that happened on Monday. We are being reminded that to know yourself, is to look at the whole picture, and beyond the picture, infusing life with hope, faith and the desire for “bringing heaven down to earth”. This can be achieved in simple ways. A hug between you and someone you care about… that can be just enough to make a world of difference.

By the end of the week the Sun, Mercury, Venus and the Moon will be in Cancer. These are the early days of summer. Be sure to water your plants as another example of how you care. Make good meals. Eat well. Provide care and comfort. These are the important things now and each heartfelt thought and feeling can help to reveal the wisdom life has to offer you.

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Quick Overview of where the planets are this week:

The Sun is in Cancer
The Moon travels from Pisces to Cancer this week
Mercury enters Cancer on Wednesday, June 29, 2016 at 7:24 p.m. EDT
Venus is in Cancer
Mars stations direct in Scorpio on June 29, 2016 at 7:28 p.m. EDT
Jupiter is in Virgo
Saturn is retrograde in Sagittarius
Uranus is in Aries
Neptune is retrograde in Pisces
Pluto is retrograde in Capricorn

Weekly Horoscopes for All Signs:
Astro Advice for June 27 to July 3, 2016

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Aries: The importance of home and family can teach you a lot about love now. To be of service to others with your highest intentions only makes the love grow. Mars stations direct this week. All the lessons over the past few weeks may have been emotionally challenging, but sure has taught you a lot about how to act and react to life’s situations. Now you can go ahead with a more assertive, strategic plan for your life. Taking charge and taking action is empowering. Be the leader you know you can be. Family life is important now. The love of those close can be your rock. Be kind and caring as you go after your dreams.

Taurus: This week use words that are warming. Loving, kind, words are your best route to be in tune with yourself and others now. You are especially charming as the week progresses. People will see your light when you talk to them. Touch has a way of communicating to you. This would be a great time to get a massage to get in tune with your body, mind and spirit and become more conscious of your life force. Peers that are more awakened can lead to fantastic conversations. Others may be going through some personal, emotional changes that could be a big turning point for them. Be supportive.

Gemini: This week gives you the chance to get more in touch with your emotions. You are asked to connect to yourself and people who are close to you more now. You will find a greater sense of security with the love of those close. Your goals this week are well placed to have an infusion of imaginative ideas. Go for things that you really feel you’d love to do. A change in your daily routine is required. If you haven’t started to notice yourself changing, you will soon. If you’ve had insomnia, you might get on track this week to a better schedule that allows you to be more productive. Let go of the old habits, and get going on new ones that excite you most.

Cancer: This is a great week for you to come to some smart conclusions about yourself, especially regarding how much you’re really worth. Valuing yourself more, loving yourself more, knowing yourself more are aspirations that you deserve to experience, and you can. Your imagination is in a great place this week. Nurture it. Art, music, poetry, delightful foods, massage treatments, you deserve to experience such things, and get your creative needs met. Let go of the baggage that holds you back from taking action. Release it and go forward to be your creative self. Dream. Make a vision board. Take lots of steamy baths or showers. Get in touch with the power of the water element.

Leo: One of the great mysteries of the universe is love. It is everywhere to be found. The key is inside you. You simply need to look. The discoveries can take you on a journey that never ends. If there are issues at home that need fixing, this week is the time to finish them up as best you can. It’s also a good time to burn some incense at home and open the window to refresh the energy. Behavior and attitudes at home are likely to go through a shift this week. If there are debts and bills that need to be dealt with, you may need someone with good logic to take a look if numbers aren’t making sense. Remember that you are on a positive financial streak, but it does require that you use your smarts to make it work best.

Virgo: There are so many beautiful souls out there. Whether they are friends, peers, acquaintances, family members, business partners, romantic partners, anyone really, including pets and creatures of all kinds, being of good service to all we encounter is what grows a meaningful life. You have a logical disposition, but when you see love and emotion in the world, it reaches deep down into the core of you. It is what can fulfill you. It compliments you. You have a lot to learn about the depths of emotions in this life, and this week you get it. Talk about the changes you are going through to others. The way your words express how you feel is set to head in a new direction this week.

Libra: Finances, work, and career are in focus for you. The way you make money to create a security blanket for your life is set to change. If you’re unsatisfied with the way you make money or feel that your attitude and approach toward work needs to change, this week you’ll realize that more. Because you want balance in life, it’s important that you look at the pros and cons of your situations. Life will give you lots of opportunities to learn how to make better choices, but you may debate back and forth for a long time, even to the point of indecisiveness. Take a look at your goals and see what practical changes you need to make. How you act and react to life makes all the difference in how grounded you feel. You’ve got positive energy on your side to make some lovely changes. Art and creativity every day is good for you. Your dreams can guide your actions.

Scorpio: You’ve got the power to change. This week Mars stations direct in your sign. How you act and react at home or in private says a lot about who you are. This week is asking you to be more conscious and loving so that you can feel more truly empowered in yourself. People you don’t know well or don’t fully understand, could be your catalyst to become more self aware of the power of your behavior. There is a maternal quality to this week that prizes actions taken that are heroic. It is when you show you care, that you will take action in the best interest of those in need of your care and support that you become something more. You have the power to create far reaching results. Tap into your emotions and you will find where true power resides. You are more than just who you think you are. You are a force in the world, and you can do much good.

Sagittarius: Insomnia, active nights or really adventurous dreams are quite possible for Sag now. If you’ve had a dream for your life, deep reflection and thought could be revealing some regrets. Taking a realistic look at how you’ve gotten to where you have in relation to your highest wishes, could be the catalyst to new changes. As a fire sign, you know about using energy well. When you’ve got the fuel you can keep going. The energy is going to build. Remember all the hard work that your ancestors went through, and you have your life to thank them for. Take your inspiration to live life more fully to drive you towards your dreams. You are meant to enjoy life. You could get a step closer to your dream home. Have fun investigating listings. Enjoy the most delicious meals this week to nurture your body.

Capricorn: Pluto in your sign is still in a harmonious position to Jupiter, and will remain so for some time. Although the changes you are going through are long term and personal, life gives you a lot of opportunities to have ups and downs. This is certainly a time of positive growth for you behind the scenes. The more you dig into discovering your true self, the more you will find. Each incremental change you make now can develop and grow into something significant. It’s important that you take a look at how people around you are acting this week. Some may have behavior issues they are working through, but what’s best for you to offer is your compassion and wise counsel. Other people need support sometimes and you can be the perfect rock.

Aquarius: Making a big change or launch in your career could be on your mind. It’s a good idea to come to terms with your ambitions and what you really want and why now. Your motivations may be easy to see these days as actions speak louder than words. If you’ve been unsure of finances or your sense of security, the work is best when you love what you do. Putting care and attention to your work is essential. Taking renewed action in career matters will help drive you forward. Karma is so important for you now. It will encompass all that you try to go towards as you move forward. Your level of honesty in business, and in how you treat others and work towards your goals, especially behind the scenes, means everything.

Pisces: It’s another watery week, which usually works out pretty well for you. The big move is Mars going direct in Scorpio. This is going to change the way you see power being used in the world. It can also show you how to think and act at a higher level of energy. Your behavior and attitudes are shaped by your philosophy on life. How you perceive the world and the people in it are set to change this week. With your compassionate heart and Venus sending love your way, this is prime time to be a co-creator with the universe and bring more love into the world. It is especially good for children to experience support, kindness and caring from you now. You have the power to bring a more spiritualized, healing energy into the world. Your motivation to discover the higher purpose of life can inspire you to be kind, loving and nurturing in the service of creating a better world.

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