Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for August 1, 2016

Self love really is the center of everything. Without self respect and caring about yourself, you won’t have as much to offer or share with the world.

Now is the time to develop your personality, focusing on your inner strength and creativity. You are a work of art in the process of blossoming, though you may not always feel like it.

Today you could have some ups and downs, but through it you will have revelations and self understanding that can open your heart.

Focus on your best personality traits, those you are comfortable with, and you will overcome self doubt. Build on the things that you are proud of about yourself.

If you don’t feel as free as you know you should, this is the day to work on those emotions that hold you back. Creating a daily schedule that supports your well being is recommended. Just 20 minutes a day focusing on your health and well being can make a world of difference.

The more effort you put in today, the more you will feel strengthened. Hard work develops a stronger personality. For those with a high-and-mighty attitude, today could be appropriately humbling. In order to get to a destination where you are living a life that is meaningful, you’ll need to put in the work. It’s not just going to fall into your lap.

Today is the last day Mars is in Scorpio. Do take some personal time to assess how far you’ve come in managing your behavior. Your reactions today will remind you of how you’ve changed.

There’s a lot more to talk about. I’ll be sharing much more about today and the upcoming New Moon in the Weekly Horoscopes published later today.

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Today's Spotlight:
Venus and Uranus +
Moon and Jupiter, Mars +
Moon and Uranus -
Sun and Saturn +
Moon Cancer-Leo

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