Enjoy Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for July 12, 2016

Venus enters Leo today. Venus in Leo is traditionally a lover of luxury. Leo loves glitz, glamour and the spotlight. It is one of the most creative signs of the zodiac and loves self-expression.

Venus loves to feel beautiful and attractive. Bright, bold, summery colors bring a cheery influence to life. Such attire and adornments can turn heads and stimulate attractions and the passions of love.

Creative people will find this to be an exciting time to visit art galleries and studios for inspiration and to explore color themes that enliven and enrich the senses. It's a great time to express your creative self.

Those who are not that conscious of what looks balanced could be exaggeratedly showy over the next few weeks. It can be fun to explore, but wearing excessive amounts of jewelry or makeup can come across as a bit too bold and may reveal the materialistic or egotistical side of the wearer.

It’s one thing to explore colors and styles to look and feel beautiful, but it’s another to come across as Endora from Bewitched, if that's not what you're really going for. That’s great for the theatre stage, but can look clownish in everyday life, which could make it a bit more difficult for people to take you seriously in professional or casual, everyday situations.

Have fun exploring new looks, but also try to be conscious of the image you are projecting depending on the circumstances.

Finding a sense of balance and equilibrium is important as the day begins. In all your interactions, a diplomatic response is best.

If there are communication issues, particularly with family members, it’s important to kindly listen to encourage calm rather than joining in any ruckus. The Moon in Libra highlights the need for bringing calm to aggressive personalities and situations that show up today. Try to be fair with those you interact with today and look at both sides of the coin.

The Moon enters Scorpio as the day progresses which can lead to heightened emotions and overreactions. With powerful emotions, jealousies can increase, particularly due to the Moon’s hard aspect to Venus later in the day. If you’re the jealous type, working on your insecurities and fears is recommended now.

Ruling the Day:
Venus enters Leo +
Moon and Uranus, Mercury, Venus -
Libra-Scorpio Moon

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Enjoy a feel-good song to brighten your day. "Venus Art and Flowers." 

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