Enjoy Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for July 13, 2016

This is a great day to get rid of thoughts, feelings and physical objects that are weighing you down so you can clear up space and time in your life to focus on better things.

Mercury enters Leo today. A lot more promotion and marketing is going to quickly show up with a big push for celebrities, entertainment and games. The media should be noticeably pushing harder to get our attention to a greater degree, especially over the next few weeks. Whatever the story is that is in focus, most of us will end up being aware of it one way or another. An instant spotlight can come on with a bold message that catches your attention. Marketing and sales gets an extra push as we head into the summer.

Getting organized and making plans to get your life in order is in focus. Use your creative abilities in conjunction with your capacity to organize to create the outcomes you want.

The Sun in Cancer encourages making your home a bright spot in your life. Your domain should be a place where you feel comfortable so your personality can shine and thrive. It’s a great time to entertain guests for summer fun.

If you like to talk, sing, or perform this is a great time to showcase your talent and use your voice in creative ways to express yourself. Share your thoughts, ideas and interests in a way only you can.

Going to the movies and chatting about all the details of your favorite entertainers, characters and story lines is great for relationships. Literature and theatre in the spotlight is also great for conversations.

Dramatic television shows, soap operas, reality television, or real life situations can lead to an extra dose of talk and gossip now.

It’s a great time to go on a date. Conversations should be light, fun and enthusiastic. An optimistic, cheerful attitude is key.

If you’re feeling extra optimistic over the next few weeks, it could lead to a stroke of egotism. If you find yourself heading towards a more bossy and pushy approach, it may need to be consciously toned down. Make things light and fun so everyone feels the enjoyment of participating and sharing.

Ruling the Day:
Moon and Pluto +
Mercury enters Leo +

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