Enjoy Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for July 14, 2016

Transforming your life can happen in a flash, but more often it is a slow process of incremental changes. Along the way there are signposts, circumstances and events that keep showing up in one form or another that remind us that if we don't change, things will just stay the same. Sometimes the signs are subtle, and sometimes they can be a slap in the face. Usually, the same cycles repeat in life until you get the message and take charge to move in a different direction.

When we listen to the messages that show up today, they can reach right down into the deepest parts of our psyche, where real transformation happens.

If you remember, Mars retrograde had a lot to do with taking a deeper look at our behavior and motivations. Now direct, it's about taking action, and using strategies to move forward toward empowerment. The Moon meets Mars today, giving us another reminder of taking action.

The gut feelings you have today will give you clues to learn from. Listen to your inner voice when it’s telling you which way to go.Your emotional energy will be a good indicator of what needs to change and what actions to take.

It’s another day to continue focusing on getting rid of things you don’t want, cleaning up your act and organizing your life. The power of Jupiter and Pluto compel real change with big results, slowly but surely. It is practical changes that have the most potent, personal effects now, so take action, and do something, anything at all, that you know deep down is going to help you live a better experience. Get rid of bad habits, and start to focus on forming good habits now.

There can also be a bit of a dramatic quality to the day for some. If something or someone triggers your emotions, take a closer look at those deep rooted feelings and investigate what is going on there. Why do certain situations bring up such a reaction in you? It’s a good day to unearth and work on cleansing insecurities from your life.

Artists will find working in their medium to be exceptionally contemplative, thought provoking and transformative on deep levels now. Whether you sing, dance, paint, sculpt, play an instrument or are performing a show or rehearsing lines (which is great to do now with Mercury in Leo), this is an excellent day to explore, experience and express the core of you. Films can inspire and reach parts of you, long forgotten.

Overall the changes should be positive today, but if you're someone that feels like there’s just too much energy you don't know what to do with, or you feel emotionally overwhelmed, getting your blood pumping with physical exertion is the best route to emotional balance now. With the Moon meeting Mars, a dose of athleticism and directed willpower can improve your emotional state greatly. More active dreams than usual, or insomnia are possible. If you are in a relationship and generally frisky, passions, especially making up after a disagreement, can be impressive.

Those who generally have a negative outlook on life or routinely have anger issues or blame others, could find today brings out such deeper internal issues, resulting in over the top outbursts, road rage, or feelings of jealousy and resentment.

In one way or another, today gives you lots of opportunities to look at your emotions, behavior and reactions more deeply as a stepping stone to making practical changes for the better.

Bringing light to those in need of emotional support and nurturing can help be part of personal transformation now. It's also a great time to also get rid of old energy in your home, declutter and organize.

Ruling the Day:
Moon and Pluto +
Moon and Jupiter +
Moon and Sun +
Moon and Mars +/-

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