Enjoy Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for July 16, 2016

Today is one of the most astrologically active days of the week.

Most of us want to live a happy life, but life doesn’t always fall into place so easily. You need to put in the time and effort to create the reality you want. Focusing on enjoying more of what life has to offer can bring emotional rewards today.

The Sun and Uranus reminds us that we all want our own space from time to time. Those that regularly feel the struggle for independence, can sometimes be called a rebel. It isn’t always that the rebel is simply rejecting everything around them, but instead it is that they want to be free to find themselves first and foremost. The rebel is ultimately looking for their own happiness without all the external peer pressure to conform to what others want.

Most of us will not be that keen on waiting for permission from others to do as we please today. Where there is resistance, a desire to break free will be heightened. Teenagers are notorious for wanting to have their own space to find themselves. If you are a parent of those going through internal identity shifts, allowing space can help avoid conflict. Listening can work better than enforcing demands.

Mercury and Venus bring double the fun for many of us today. Entertainment is on the menu. Sharing a joyous atmosphere with others helps magnify positive energy around you. It’s a day for social interaction with people that you would like to enjoy spending more time with.

It’s a great time to explore art, crafts and creativity with kids. With friends and comrades, enjoy the movies, the beach, a performance or anything that has an artsy, creative side to it. Small talk can be more enjoyable than usual. Today is also great for a fun date and courting romance.

Like any day, there can be some ups and downs today. If you’re working on a Saturday, it’s likely that you’ll feel like you’re missing out on the good times more than usual now. It’s the height of summer, and life needs to have that balance of fun and work. If you have high expectations for fun in the sun today, and it doesn’t pan out, it will get you to rethink your priorities. This could be an opportunity for you to reconsider your schedule so you can set yourself up for a routine you’re happier with and a better lifestyle overall.

If you thought you were going somewhere and the plans end up getting cancelled today, it may not be such a bad thing after all. Perhaps it is saving you from an interaction or experience you would rather not have. A change in plans could lead you to doing something more productive, and enjoyable with your time.

The temptation to gamble may be stronger than usual today. If money wants to burn a hole in your pocket, try not to overdo it, particularly for fire signs. There is a fine line between having fun and going too far.

At home, this is a great time to be more active, taking charge and clearing up the energy. Taking care of your body, especially through core building exercises, such as pilates, will give you a sense of self empowerment and feeling rooted today. If you're not the type to be out enjoying the entertainment of life, today can be great for take care of yourself to feel healed, nurtured and revitalized.

With it being such an active astrological day, I talk a lot more about today in the Weekly Horoscope here.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Ruling the Day:
Moon and Saturn +/-
Sun and Uranus -
Mercury and Venus +
Moon and Jupiter +/-
Sun and Mars +

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