Enjoy Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for July 19, 2016

Today is the Full Moon in Capricorn. All day we are building to the peak of the Full Moon at 6:57 pm EDT.

It’s time to admit what hasn’t been bringing you to the real goals you want. Admit what hasn’t been working, where your feelings are different than they were a couple of weeks ago. In order to feel like you’re achieving what really matters, you need to be real about what has been holding you back and what needs to change. I talk more about this in the Full Moon in Capricorn horoscope.

Earlier in the day, Mercury and Saturn trine in fire signs Leo and Sagittarius. This is great for thinking positively, learning from tried and true ways, and making the most of your time. This further emphasizes taking a closer look at what has held you back from achieving what you really want in life. This is especially positive if you are interesting in learning about yourself in a more intellectual and philosophical sense. What have your experiences taught you and what do you want to experience so you can learn more? What is the vision you have for your life?

In order to be clearer on identifying what you are building towards in life, you need to take a look at who you need to be in order to achieve that aim. Do you have role models that can give you clues? To become more empowered requires that you look at how you hold yourself back from growing to your full potential.

To feel energized, alert and focused to succeed at being the best you can be, exercise is a great way to find more resources. Getting energized can provide you with a greater mental and emotional clarity and stability that helps propel you forward.

The Full Moon is a time of fruition. It gives you an opportunity to take an honest look at how far you’ve come. Hopefully you’ve been taking care of yourself over the past couple of weeks since the New Moon, and not taking on too many burdens from authority figures.

The Moon enters Aquarius a few hours after the Full Moon. As we start to internalize the growth and the necessary changes, an optimistic view of how far you’ve come will help give you personal clarity and self awareness.

As you release some things from your history, you open doors to your future.

Ruling the Day:
Mercury and Saturn +
Moon and Jupiter +
Moon and Uranus -
Moon and Mars +
Sun and Moon +
Moon Capricorn-Aquarius

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