Enjoy Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for July 3, 2016

Today is great for feeling in tune with your heart and soul. The Sun and Neptune are in harmony now. Family photographs could offer clues that have long been forgotten.

Draw on nostalgic memories to enlighten you, and brighten your day. Remembering your ancestors or family that has gone by is good for your spirit.

It’s great for a spa day, or a swim at the beach. Take care of yourself and you’ll feel like you’re able to tap into a more spiritual sense of belonging to the world and to those that matter in your life. Creative ideas can be plentiful, especially when you’re in a more relaxed and reposed position.

Yoga is great for exploring a sense of comfort in your own body. By moving, and stretching into parts of your body that you often forget about, you can regain a better flow of energy inside.

Focusing on a better flow of energy leads to better thoughts and better emotions now.

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