Enjoy Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for July 21, 2016

Today is great for some personal time to ponder what you think the future may look like. Not only what you want for your own future, your own personal goals, but the future of life on earth in the grand scheme of things.

Thoughts and feelings have far reaching effects. But, imagine that our thoughts and feelings go beyond what we usually imagine - like radio or television signals, spreading outwards in all directions, emanating as an ever growing sphere, constantly reaching further into space and time.

And imagine that all your thoughts and feelings, all your memories, could be accessible at any time in the future by someone here on earth, or someone out there light years away in the universe tapping into that signal of your life. No thought you've ever had being hidden. Essentially the truth of who you are and your entire life experience could be watched or experienced again simply by tapping into the signals you've made.

This is sci-fi thinking, the kind that goes beyond limitations, and goes beyond our current understanding of what’s real and possible. Aquarius rules the realms of science fiction. And today, Uranus in harmony with the Moon in Aquarius is great for daydreaming out of this world ideas that reach further than ever.

To think outside the box in any way, is to be a sort of a rebel. Instead of just nodding and agreeing with how things are expected to be, there are lots of people that seek new frontiers of thought, that propel us forward into a different kind of future. The rebel looks at the way things are and sees that there is another way possible, and preferable. The rebel seeks something different than what is expected.

The current Pokemon Go craze is a great example of how virtual technology changes the way we interact with the real world, and how quickly we adapt to new ideas.

Today, thinking beyond the status quo can bring breakthrough ideas that can change the future. Hope can set the stage for new directions and more freedom in our individual lives.

Much of the better ideas are likely to be those that are spurred on by a frustration of current limitations. Wherever business, finance and politics are felt to be too aggressive and dominating in our lives, there will be those that are dreaming of solutions for a better future.

Today is excellent for innovative ideas in technology. Anyone, and especially entrepreneurs, should find today a great day for brainstorming. If you're the creative type it's a great time to experiment and explore your craft. Raw passion or deep emotions can come through your work that ultimately feel liberating.

In your personal life, whatever frustrates you is likely to be the very thing that has you change course. Today could be the day where the light bulb goes off and you’re ready to put your energy in a new direction. Think outside the box and dare to dream.

As we step into the future, the possibilities are only a thought away.

Ruling the Day:
Moon and Uranus +
Moon and Mars -

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