Enjoy Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for July 22, 2016

The Sun is now in Leo as of 5:30 a.m. EDT. Happy Birthday to all the Leos over the next few weeks.

The Sun is a most important symbol in astrology. As we all know, without the Sun, we simply wouldn’t exist. The world and all the other planets in our solar system wouldn’t exist. Ancients revered, glorified and worshiped the Sun as the creator, giver and sustainer of life here on earth.

Astrology is based on personality types relating to the cycles of life, nature and each other. The Sun sign is the basis of personality, while the other planets indicate various nuances and aspects of our personalities to varying degrees. They all work together holistically.

Being held in such high regard, the Sun also represents our ego, identity and enthusiasm for life. It is overall a highly positive symbol in astrology and when we channel the higher attributes of our Sun sign our personalities can shine bright, bringing forward our best with confidence and self respect. The Sun represents self-knowledge, intuition and says, “Know Thyself.” But when the ego gets too inflated and people consider themselves the center of the universe you know it’s going to far. In Leo, such excesses can reveal pomposity, bossiness and narcissism in one’s personality. Leo is known to be a bit of a show off.

The great thing about the Sun in Leo is that it encourages a high interest in self expression and creativity. This is a great time to dive into your creative passions and to be proud and confident in showcasing your talents to others. If you’re a burgeoning artist, and need a boost in confidence, the next few weeks are a great time to explore and create, with a guarantee of self-discovery.

It’s also a peak time to enjoy entertainment and going out on romantic dates, especially with Venus and Mercury in Leo now as well.

The Moon now in Pisces is great for higher consciousness, imagination and fantasy. Today and this weekend will be great to dream and tap into and channel a higher level of exploration and creativity.

Though the day leans mostly towards the positive, if you’re the sensitive type, or generally more introverted or reserved, other people’s amped up egos in full swing could feel a bit off and over the top for you. It could be best for you to do your own thing exploring your creativity and putting your feelings into self-exploration.

Enjoy the day and think positive. Smiles and a warm heart can bring out the best. Most importantly, have fun and let your personality shine.

Ruling the Day:
Leo Sun +
Pisces Moon +
Moon and Saturn -

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