Enjoy Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for July 23, 2016

With the Sun, Mercury and Venus now in Leo we are encouraged to enjoy the entertainments and pleasures life has to offer. It’s a time to let our personalities shine, to be creative and inspired.

The creative streak is elevated this weekend with the Moon in Pisces. A dreamier, imaginative perspective can bring beautiful ideas to the next level. The Moon meets Neptune further boosting the more spiritual, surreal, mystical quality of life today. We also tend to be more emotionally sensitive with the Moon here. How we feel connected to the world and others at a soul level tends to be heightened. Those that feel compassion for all life are likely to feel more sensitive now.

Accessing your source of inner wisdom can arise more naturally today. Whether you are having vivid dreams at night, or are caught up in your imagination daydreaming, a higher realm of thought can arise passively, without much effort.

Higher consciousness is always accessible, but sometimes we’re too easily caught up in the external world, with our daily routines of work and mundane activities, that we overlook the more spiritualized, creative, imaginative side of life.

If you’re looking for inspiration that comes from a deep place within, meditation and visualization are recommended. Tai chi, graceful dancing, listening to calming music, prayer and meditation are all ways to intentionally tap into a higher state of consciousness and can take you on a most fantastic journey of exploration.

A sun salutation yoga routine is highly recommended to bridge the solar energy in Leo with the spiritualized quality of the Moon in Pisces today.

There can be difficulty concentrating today on even the most mundane, routine tasks, and plans or schedules may not work out in perfect order, but you don’t have to always be on the go or on the straight and narrow. It’s good to take some down time to just reflect and imagine. Flow with the day, and see what kind of magic life has to offer you. It is likely that the internal shifts that come about today, will inspire new goals and a positive change to your lifestyle.

Those used to being tuned in and those with careers in the arts, in the holistic wellness field, or are light workers, can find today especially meaningful in inspiring great ideas.

It's an excellent time to watch a performance, theatrical play or movie that has fantasy, surrealist or dreamy visuals and concepts to expand your mind in new dimensions.

Ruling the Day:
Moon and Neptune, Pluto +
Moon and Jupiter +/-

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