Enjoy Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for July 24, 2016

Active dreams and imagination are with us early on. We’re still with the Moon in Pisces for part of today. Stories that reach deep to your soul and bring out your compassionate side can reveal the most beautiful aspects of your personality.

The early morning hours, well before sunrise could be the best time to tap into your intuition and do anything creative, or contemplate the most imaginative thoughts.

Artists that are particularly interested in experimenting with visionary ideas will probably like the energy of the very early morning hours.

If you have insomnia, it could work out better to go with it, rather than fight it. Creativity can be an awesome thing to tap into Saturday night into Sunday morning. If you’re awake, but overtired, sometimes being semi-awake, in that dreamy place between reality and fantasy due to a lack of sleep, could bring on the most interesting, even mystical, thoughts and feelings.

It’s an especially good time to be receptive and listen to what your instincts are telling you. Some could find early morning brings almost psychic flashes of insights, like a daydream. Strong hunches could be spot on and worth investigating further. Though the details may only be on the tip of your tongue, a gut feeling about behavior or actions of another can speak greater volumes.

Cats may noticeably want more attention than usual now or seem more mysterious. Their instincts will be on alert below the surface.

If you’ve slept through the night right on schedule, and are ready for a new day, Sunday brings on a fresh start. The Moon enters Aries at 8:33 am EDT.

Yesterday probably wasn't as productive as it could be for most. Today, there is a more active quality as the day progresses. Though the day is more geared towards the positive in our personal lives, it's still a good idea to be conscious of your reactions with others. It's possible to be too reactive now. If you are quick to come to conclusions and make a rash decision it can bring drama with it. Your reactions create more of the days outcomes than you know.

Passivity doesn’t bring as much comfort as you’d expect for many. Laziness doesn't do much for your sense of well being today as you’d probably feel antsy. The day is better suited to having fun and being enthusiastic.

An independent streak could be with more of us. It’s a good time to put more energy toward what is in your own best interest. But, being overly selfish, self-centered or self-serving is usually not the best route to take. Since we've been in the good graces of collective-consciousness-loving, compassionate Pisces over the past couple of days, a much broader view we've gained can help dissipate some of the more egotistical tendencies that may feel like arising today.

Simply just being more attentive to what your body, mind and spirit need, rather than overlooking it for external things can give you more positive energy now. Self-starters and entrepreneurs can be energized by new possibilities closer to home.

Relationships could start fresh this weekend. If you’ve met someone new, entertainment can be an excellent gateway to learning more about each other’s interests and backgrounds now. The best option is action films and comedies to tune you into that more boisterous, fun energy that can really help make the day feel pleasant to enjoy. Laughter and good spirits is key to a great day all around. Should a relationship be in focus for your now, a smile and emanating an optimistic vibe will open the door for romance to grow. Seeing a performance in the park can make for great bonding time.

Sharing your more expressive, friendly and optimistic side now is great for self esteem for you and those around you. Life is about relationships. Bring joy to the lives of others with laughter, love and fantastic conversations and it will most often return to you much of the same.

Ruling the Day:
Moon, Mars, Sun +
Moon Pisces-Aries

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