Enjoy Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for July 26, 2016

Everyone is different. We all have our unique qualities. Today you could be surprised by the behavior of another person. It can be so vastly different from your own way of being that it could even be a bit shocking. It’s likely that the behavior, actions or reactions of others will have you reflecting on yourself and understanding how you’re different.

For instance, this morning when I opened my car door I noticed that all the papers, receipts, and any random nik-naks were pulled out of any compartments and strewn about on the seat and floor. Obviously, someone had got into the car during the night rummaging through to find money or keys. After having my hands full carrying groceries from the car last night, I had forgotten to lock the door. That is unusual for me. I usually always lock the doors as a habit, but last night was different.

When I got in the car this morning and saw what had occurred, I was surprised and somewhat alarmed. This was unexpected. Nothing valuable was left in the car so they gave up and didn’t get anything worthwhile, but still...

My first reaction was to question what kind of person would do such a thing to have such disrespect for someone else’s property? But more than that, I thought, what are the odds that of the one night I forgot to lock lock the car doors, that someone would come along to invade my space? Considering I would never have such nerve or desire to rummage through a stranger’s car or personal belongings, it reminded me of how very different people are from one another. One person’s ethics and morals can be vastly different than that of another’s.

If it's any consolation, I did say yesterday that I needed to clean the car soon, so this occurrence does give me a reminder and even more incentive to do a thorough cleaning asap.

My hope is that whoever it was, they are able to find themselves in better circumstances so they don’t have to go to such desperate lengths. A more productive and satisfying way to bring in an income so they or are able to have their own bits of change and buy their own vehicle instead of trying to steal from strangers could be a nice goal for this person to set for themselves. Perhaps a job that allows them to feel like they are contributing something good to their community and neighborhood would be helpful.

This is the type of surprises seemingly out of left field that Uranus can bring. It gets you to realize, and clarify, this is who I am and this is who I am not. Today the Moon meets Uranus in Aries representing unexpected surprises relating to our comfort zone and personal space. I talk a lot more about Uranus this week in the New Weekly Horoscope here.

As the day progresses the Moon enters Taurus. Spending time in nature, getting in touch with your senses, eating good food, putting your feet in the grass, smelling the flowers, is all good for making you feel pleasant and grounded. If you feel any discontent today, nature can be your go-to place to find comfort. If it is a hot, sunny day, do be careful and wear sunscreen.

Ruling the Day:
Moon and Uranus +/-
Moon Aries-Taurus
Moon and Sun -

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