Enjoy Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for July 27, 2016

Mercury in Leo and Uranus in Aries are relating well today. This is great for personal revelations. Our way of thinking can change in a flash. This is a great time especially for innovative thinkers to come up with brilliant ideas seemingly out of nowhere.

You could find out information today whether it be through a random conversation, or simply by hearing a scene in a movie that perks up your ears and gets your mind moving on an all new future path.

You could hear the right information at the right time and the coincidences and seem just too obvious to ignore. Synchronicity is more heightened and obvious now. Today is meant for surprising insights and eureka moments.

Something someone says in the media today could catch you by surprise that shifts the way you think about the future. It could be like a revelation of who they are, where you realize more of their identity, and more of your own.

Artists and creatives trying something different and new can spark a flood of inspiration setting you on an all new path. Pushing yourself to explore, try new things and think way outside the box is recommended now. Be a bit of a rebel. Let your eccentric, fun, quirky side come out and play. A new sense of identity and personal expression is now with us.

Most of all it is how the new awareness changes your sense of personal identity and self understanding that stands out today. Self expression and speaking your truth can be freeing today.

It's a great day for spontaneous fun, but do be cautious about overspending on entertainment or luxury items that catch your eye now. Sudden splurges on the fun stuff of life could end up draining your wallet more than you’d like if you’re not careful. Overspending on a date to impress someone could lead to regrets.

There's a dreamy quality to the day that can inspire you to live with a higher purpose. Music can influence the best in you today.

It’s also a good day to focus on organization. A healthy routine and a smart schedule are beneficial for work and business now.

There is an optimistic focus on money management and financial growth that can help you reach your goals.

Getting real and honest about where you stand financially will be the stepping stone to making choices that help you on your path of personal success. For more information specific to your birth chart, learn more about getting your own Personalized Astrology Reading here.

Ruling the Day:
Mercury and Uranus +
Moon and Neptune, Pluto, Jupiter +
Moon and Venus -

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