Enjoy Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for July 28, 2016

Sometimes people say things, or we overhear things that can feel a little unsettling. Our reactions can be defensive or protective, especially if there’s gossip involved. This can be especially true for those who are in the media spotlight today.

There is a likelihood for drama to be aroused today which can be uncomfortable especially if you prefer to be the quiet, private, reserved type. Social networks exchange ideas in a flash and before you know it someone can be offended by what’s been said or shared.

If someone’s words or actions stimulate feelings of insecurity, it’s a good day to practice yoga or spend time in nature to feel more grounded and connected to the earth and yourself. How you think and feel about yourself matters more than what others may think or say.

Do try to be more conscious and respectful of how your words and actions affect others as well.

Also be conscious of other drivers behavior and attitudes today. Emotions and words exchanged can get heated. Egos can bring the drama.

It’s not a great day to gamble. It can result in throwing money away. Irresponsible spending can brew up a whole lot of drama in relationships now. If you play the stock market, a reality check regarding financial exchanges is recommended today.

Not everyone has the finances to do all the fun stuff they’d like to do. If you’re in a social situation that requires money it can become obvious that one of you may not be able to chip in or participate in the activity due to a lower budget. This can have an effect on self worth and esteem.

Be respectful of other people’s current financial situation, and be honest about your own. Though you or someone you know may need to skip a social event or activity to prioritize the bottom line, it can be much better in the long run to abide by a budget, than going deeper into credit card debt.

Show offs, and spoiled, extravagant, shallow behavior of those who flaunt their riches can touch a nerve, especially for the more down to earth types. A story in the media can provide a lesson on how overdoing living in the lap of luxury can lead to financial problems.

Ultimately, today has much to do with how you identify with financial matters and where you stand. Your relationship to money today is likely to lead to worthwhile discussions or considerations as the day progresses. For interpretations specific to your birth chart, learn more about getting your own Personalized Astrology Reading here.

Ruling the Day:
Moon and Mercury -
Moon and Mars +/-
Moon Taurus-Gemini

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