Enjoy Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for July 29, 2016

Today there can be mixed emotions and a lack of mental clarity. Thoughts and feelings color the entire day, and extra effort to think positive and bright is worth it. Upbeat music in the morning to start your day can get you going on the right foot.

If your plans don’t go the way you expected it can lead to a bit of frustration, but an enthusiastic attitude can push you through to the other side. It’s not a good idea to make hasty decisions today.

If you’re into games and gambling, egos can clash. If you lose more than you thought you would, the games turn from fun to frustrating. If you win, try not to gloat and stroke your ego too much, as it can lead to dramatic interactions. Emotional exchanges today can go too far. Disagreements on money are more likely today, and overdoing it spending on credit can lead to irritation.

The media is likely to be even more sensationalist than usual with the intention of tugging at our emotions to get a rise.

Do be extra cautious of drivers on the road especially during the rush hours on freeways and busy streets. Impatience and frustration can make people do crazy things. Be extra attentive to cyclists and pedestrians alike.

Uranus stations Retrograde in Aries today at 5:06 p.m. EDT. Self awareness is going to become an increasingly important part of each of our lives.

The Fool is associated with Uranus in the tarot. The Fool is the one with the blank canvas, that goes out into the world to experience all the twists and turns of fate. Through the process the Fool grows, learns and develops into a fully realized individual.

With Uranus retrograde now, it is the personal, inner journey of realization that is emphasized in astrology. We’ll be more sensitive to the ups and downs of life. As we initiate a new awakening of self realization that reaches to our core identity we may disagree with the status quo and be more interested in treading our own path.

Politics and business also plays an important role in our self-identity, especially now. With Uranus, Mercury, Mars and Pluto, the question is, does the mindset, actions, goals and direction of the world stage align with who you are or not?

The synchronicities of life show us who we really are, and we become more honest about our personal strengths and weaknesses. This will be an important time of self-development and self assessment for all of us.

As we seek and explore who we are more deeply, we can become more rebellious, more eccentric, more individualized. Our personalities can go through sudden changes as we awaken. Eureka can strike at any moment, leaving you changed and more conscious of who you are and wish to be.

At times the coincidences, the odds of timing can be so obvious and impossible to ignore that it can leave you dumbfounded, wowed and in awe with your mouth hanging wide open. Life can seem so strange when synchronicities are just so well timed, as if you're living in the matrix. You could realize in an instant what life is revealing to you, leaving you changed.

For some, this can mark a time of retreat, as you go within and do your own thing to find yourself. Differences of identity can stand out, sometimes making it harder for people to relate and understand where one another are coming from. Giving people freedom to be themselves without judgment is important.

Today marks just the beginning. Something inside feels like it’s changing. Uranus will be retrograde until the end of the year.

It would be wise to write down your brilliant ideas and personal insights you come up with today, and perhaps start keeping a personal journal of how you are developing. The key is to be true to yourself. There’s a bit of a rebel in each one of us as we choose freedom and living more in tune with what truly feels right for ourselves. Read more about Uranus retrograde in the Weekly Horoscope here.

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Ruling the Day:
Sun and Moon +
Moon and Saturn, Neptune -
Mercury and mars -
Uranus stations Retrograde

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