Enjoy Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for July 5, 2016

The New Moon is now growing in size. A slight sliver in the sky will start to get larger as the days go by this week. Around July 8, the crescent Moon will be close to Jupiter in the sky for great sky viewing.

The Juno space probe reached Jupiter last night with enough precision to enter into orbit successfully. Jupiter has long been one of my favorite planets. I remember doing a science project in elementary school on Jupiter coloring the giant planet on bristol board with it’s great storm as the focus of course.

Today is great for some personal time gaining mental and emotional clarity by exerting physical stamina. Swimming is a great choice, however, for those with body image issues, extra sensitivity on these issues could come up suddenly. In that case, taking care of yourself more privately is recommended.

Mercury in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces are in harmony today. This is great for meditation or getting lost in your imagination. Singing in the shower is pleasing to the soul. Doing anything comforting, healing and relaxing for your body today will influence the state of your mind well. Reading and writing poetry or journal entries are suggested for whimsical ideas. If you’re into the idea of psychic intuition, this would be a great day to pull out your tarot cards and ask some questions.

The Moon enters Leo as the day progresses. The next couple of days is great for creative types to grow. Taking the young ones out to a movie or to a park for recreation is recommended to inspire, explore, and have creative fun.

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