Enjoy Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for July 8, 2016

Mercury and Jupiter are in harmony today. Good communications and working together keeping your house in order strengthens bonds, especially with family, and supportive caregivers.

This is a great day for productive ideas. If you have a home based business, this is a great time to talk about your plan for growth. If you have home improvements that are needed, today is the day to develop a schedule for your required tasks.

If you’ve been wanting to take better care of your body, this is the day to think about, and implement, a new health routine. If you don't have the energy, at least write down something to remind you, but don't make excuses just to get out of getting started. Mercury, Venus and Mars symbolize taking charge of your body and mind now.

If you feel like there are obstacles to your bigger dreams, the best route is taking action on developing your skills and talents with the power of Jupiter and Virgo on your side. Worrying about time is a recipe for procrastination. Saturn retro in Sagittarius suggests that we all focus less on the clock and more on what we're learning.

Juno and Jupiter
*Juno enters Scorpio today. As the wife of Jupiter, she is known in Roman mythology as Queen of the Gods, and Queen of heaven and heavenly light. Considered a goddess of light in ancient Roman culture she is also associated with childbirth and was often viewed as a guardian angel of women. In astrology, she represents commitment and plays a significant role in relationships and marriage.

Physical behavior and body language can more strongly reveal where your attractions are now.

Also referred to as Juno Moneta, the words mint and money are derived from her name. Scorpio is the sign associated with capitalism and financial institutions, as well as sex, death and rebirth. It is recommended that you make a stronger commitment to your finances and better money management, especially regarding debt, loans and taxes. Understanding financial markets and how money works in the bigger picture of society is advised. With its association to money and alchemy, gold is likely to gain more attention.

With Juno here we are now entering a phase supportive of deeper intimacy in relationships that can be driven by passion and emotions. If one person in the relationship is the larger financial provider, how you deal with money can strengthen mutual understanding and commitment to working together for the best interest of each other and the lives of those close to you that matter most.

I will speak more on this in upcoming horoscopes.

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