New Moon in Leo. Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for August 1 to 7, 2016

Weekly Horoscope Overview
Weekly Horoscopes for each Sign are listed below after the overview:

Welcome to August. The hottest days of summer are with us, and we have a New Moon in Leo on the way to kick off new beginnings.

On August 1st we start off right away with Venus in Leo with a positive connection to Uranus in Aries. This is great for self-worth, that is demonstrated best through your personality and how you express yourself. It doesn’t have to be a show for everyone else, but instead the self expression is more personal, more in tune with your own creative abilities.

It’s a great time to get inspired by people you love. Biographies of anyone that interests you, particularly actors, celebrities or strong, creative, unique personalities in the spotlight can be influential in discovering more of the parts of your own personality you admire. Others can help you to know yourself.

With Uranus retrograde now it’s about greater self awareness and asking yourself questions like, “Who am I? Is this really who I am? Who do I wish to become?” For some of us, a Uranus retrograde can be a time of personal revolution of identity.

The Sun and Saturn are in harmony as we begin this week as well. This is great for creatives that value hard work to help their craft grow. The efforts put into reaching a wider audience can be worth your time now.

A subdued ego can help you get further as well. Too much of a spotlight can go to some people’s heads, leading to narcissism and a sense of grandiosity. Humbleness is more valued now, and allows you to focus on the work rather than what you are gaining from it. From there you are likely to achieve more mastery. Foreign films can teach you a lot about other people, giving you newfound respect for the plight of people across the world.

Mars enters Sagittarius on August 2, 2016 at 1:49 p.m. EDT. Mars has been in Scorpio for months. Hopefully you’ve discovered more about your behavior and motivations during that time so that you are more empowered. Wherever your fears have held you back, it’s been an important time to push through and make the necessary changes so you can summon your power to do great things in the world.

Now with Mars entering Sagittarius we are going to be wanting to put our actions towards making life more exciting and adventurous. Horseback riding, bungee jumping or race car driving are examples of this kind of active energy. The more experiences you have the larger your worldview will grow. The urge to get out of the house, travel and see more of life is on the rise.

Globally, tensions between cultures and beliefs can escalate as we move forward over the next couple of months. It will take more willingness and effort to evolve to overcome barriers. Aggression can be a big part of the lessons learned.

Velocity will pick up and we will feel more pressed for time this week onward. Using time wisely is necessary to meet challenges.

It's a New Moon in Leo this week, meeting exact precision on August 2, 2016 at 4:44 pm EDT. This is excellent for starting new creative adventures. You will notice more people are drawn to creative arts, crafts, and entertainment. Spending more time at the beach, dancing to music, and wearing bright, colorful colors will enliven you and remind you of how fun life can be. It’s all about amping up your personality and being proud of who you are.

This is a time to be super creative and access parts of your personality that feel enlivening. Pull out your paintbrushes and colored pencils, take your guitar to the beach, wear vibrant, warm clothes and enjoy the sunshine. Just enjoy your life.

As we head forward over the next couple of weeks, it is personal freedom and reinvention that is most important. You are the star of your own life. You may not need the accolades so much, as the freedom sought is more about releasing personal barriers within. But for extroverts, a little external recognition can give a boost of internal esteem and validation.

Venus enters Virgo on Wednesday, August 3, at 11:27 am EDT. She follows Mercury, which entered Virgo a few days ago, on July 30, 2016. This is excellent for money management skills taken up a notch. Accountants will find this a useful time to get the budget on track. Use that Virgo energy to be attentive to details. Keeping things clean and orderly will increase your sense of well being.

If you’re a makeup artist, fashion designer, graphic designer, or creative in general this can be a great time for you to get some real focus on the details that make the end results very refined. You could realize the real value of your work and choose the prices that reflect the worth of your time and skill.

The Moon sweeps through Virgo on Thursday and Friday meeting up with Venus, Mercury and Jupiter. This is great for self care, well being and taking care of your home. Cleanliness is next to godliness. Personal touches to your workspace, especially if your work from home, are recommended. Comfort and orderliness can lead to much better productivity.

Saturday, August 6th has Mercury and Venus in Virgo at odds with Mars and Saturn. Writers, thinkers, philosophers, artists, beauticians, travelers, and lovers, could find this a more challenging time. Being too much of a stickler for perfectionism can drive anyone a little nutty. It can be easy to get hot under the collar on the weekend.

There can be particular tension when there is a difference of beliefs and outlook on life. Disagreements on details and how things should be done can escalate. Bad drivers that are not following the rules will be especially likely to lead to tension or conflict.

Decisions are likely to be cloudy on Sunday, August 7th. Daydreaming and feeling out of touch is possible. It’s not a great time to make concrete decisions or sign a contract. If you’re faced with something vague, ask for more details. Write down the ideas that come up while you’re pondering and reflecting as they can be useful next week.

I’ll talk much more about what’s happening this week with the Daily Astro Advice Horoscopes. Wishing you all the best this week!

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Quick Overview of where the planets are this week:

The Sun is in Leo
The Moon travels from Cancer to Libra this week
Mercury is in Virgo
Venus enters Virgo on August 3, 2016 at 11:27 a.m.
Mars enters Sagittarius on August 2, 2016 at 1:49 p.m.
Jupiter is in Virgo
Saturn is retrograde in Sagittarius
Uranus is retrograde in Aries
Neptune is retrograde in Pisces
Pluto is retrograde in Capricorn

*All times in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)

Weekly Horoscopes for All Signs:
Astro Advice for August 1 to 7, 2016

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Aries: With Uranus now retrograde in your sign, a more personal sense of your identity is set to develop further as part of the final stages of reinventing the new you. Venus is sending you good vibes and lots of love for yourself. This is a key time for positive self worth to help you shine within. The New Moon emphasizes growth of your creative spirit and enjoyment of a young, fun, personal expression. A healthy start to a new lifestyle routine is emphasized late in the week. Personal growth is important now. Doing what you love gets you on the right path. To align your life with the vision you have, you’ll need to take action steps in the real world. Believing in the vision isn’t enough to make it happen, you need to physical action behind your ideas.

Taurus: You could have an instant discovery of yourself that arises out of nowhere, perhaps in a daydream or a passing thought. It is likely that the arts will have an especially enlightening impact on you. A glimpse of someone’s story could bring butterflies or a sentimental feelings that resonates with your spirit and awakens you to a higher purpose. You may feel like you’re becoming more intuitive or even psychic these days. This is a great time to focus on uplifting your home and personal space with a more vibrant energy. The comfort of home is where your artistic side can shine this week. Real time and effort dedicated to the kind of work and creative skills you’d love to perfect are recommended. Challenges can ignite you to enliven your passions.

Gemini: New forms of expression are likely to pique your interest as the week begins. Words, phrases and quotes that inspire you can open you up to excellent creative ideas. You could also find yourself feeling more empowered to say what you feel. Entertainment, in whatever forms you like most, are sure to be of increased interest. Your fun-loving, conversationalist, gossipy side could bump up a notch as well. Later in the week though you may not like the discussions or subject matter that you have to deal with. Any obstacles that get in the way of relationships will need your attention. You may need to consider how to make better use of your time. If career matters are foggy, you’ll need to put extra effort into staying focused. Keeping your mind on the process each day may not be easy, but meditation could help you feel more grounded and attentive to important details.

Cancer: Your focus on security and money matters will develop over the next couple of weeks, but you may also be interested in splurging on fun. Wanting nicer things, isn’t always just about consuming, it can be about enjoyment, self expression and comfort. You could be tempted to spend more, especially on items that are colorful and shiny. An important key to prosperity is to spend less than you bring in. Being responsible with money is your best bet overall. Focusing on longer term goals is recommended as well. Speaking with those that are knowledgeable about money, perhaps an accountant, would do you well. Discussing big ideas coupled with details and a budget to get there will do you good. Coinciding your schedule with a love interest may not just be desired, but required.

Leo: Happy New Moon! The fire signs are lit up this week with an infusion of changes and new energy. This New Moon wakes you up inside. It is your time to shine. Your personality is a beacon of light that can uplift others as well. Use that to your advantage and bring more light into the world. You don’t need to travel to the other side of the planet to find yourself. Your power is in your personality no matter where you are. A boost of creative energy can fire you up. Your finances are a gateway to understanding how you value yourself. What you do each day to secure a healthy financial base demonstrates self care. When you are of service to others, the lines blur between giving and receiving. When you serve from the heart you are using your time well. Satisfaction comes from the subtle exchanges in relationships.

Virgo: The New Moon can bring a flood of creative ideas that inspire you to no end. Pay attention to what stimulates and entertains your creative energy and you’ll burst with inspiration. Perhaps it is the perfect angle of a favorite photograph, or a symphony timed without missing a note, or a bouquet’s finely tuned blend of colors and textures that compliment one another superbly. Such things can stimulate your intelligence and help you access balancing parts of your personality. Visualization is a powerful, mental practice recommended for you this week as well. Your relationships require a more compassionate mentality now. Responsibilities at home later this week could feel like they’re holding you back. If you’ve got cabin fever, or are spending too much time at home, you may need to get away to clear your head. The movies or a show can be a great escape.

Libra: Your social life is in focus. Meeting interesting, new, creative people can enliven you and lift your spirits. People who are unique and expressive are the ones to connect with. It is those that march to the beat of their own drum that can become a more important part of your alliances. Those with an independent quality, and are interested in self-discovery can inspire you to find yourself. Creative, artistic people can be your best allies to stimulate your imagination with fertile, ripe ideas. Surround yourself with more people that are on a positive wavelength. A group paint night or karaoke could be a lot of fun. Though you should have your own sense of responsibility now, don’t worry so much about what others say you should be doing this week. This is your time to create a lifestyle that supports your personal, spiritual growth. It’s time for you to become more true to yourself and surround yourself with those that are inspiring and enlivening.

Scorpio: This is a good time for you to be focusing on new goals, perhaps even a new career if you feel so inclined. Your cycle of self empowerment you’ve been through over the past few months is now moving you towards manifesting more happiness in your life. If your money matters have been a little lacking, this is the time to step up your game and put your energy towards the goals you want. You can’t just wish for things to fall into place, you need to take action in the real world. When you do, your sense of personal empowerment jumps over hurdles and grows. You can create the career of your dreams. It’s just a matter of directing your energy in the right direction. A focus on the financial base you need will dictate what steps you need to take. Networking with intelligent, creative thinkers will set the stage for real growth.

Sagittarius: Like the other fire signs, you’ve got a strong power of change with you this week. Uranus is now retrograde, it’s a New Moon in Leo and Mars enters your sign. This signifies all new energy that stimulates you to become more empowered, creative and true to yourself. Your strength comes from overcoming self doubts. If you’ve felt like esteem or believing in yourself has been lower than you know it can be, this week can create the shift you need. You are likely to have a number of realizations that inspire you to action this week. Use enthusiastic energy, where you find it, and put it towards your goals and career objectives. Wherever you’ve been unclear, this week is great for putting your nose to the grindstone, and using your intelligence to improve your skills. Creative and practical subjects are your best focus to study and work on. You can build the life you want when you focus your energy.

Capricorn: The world is changing, and you’re changing right along with it. There is no stopping time. Although it seems to slow down and speed up at times, we’re all moving forward together day to day. Your curiosity is what makes life more interesting now. Explore different forms of creative expression. Explore the power of your mind. Explore the realm of dreams and imagination. The more tuned into the tools of investigation, the more conscious and aware you will become of your own personal power. When you are worldly in your knowledge, you can take on the stronger role of leadership. There could be stumbling blocks to progress, and it could be slower than you would like, but obstacles will ignite more passion to reach higher ground.

Aquarius: Everyone is on their own journey, growing in their own way. You will likely notice how other people are moving forward and growing in new ways. Observing people’s personalities now will provide the evidence. You are changing too, but it’s more internalized for you now. The personal awakenings you have are most likely to arise when you are contemplating your own thoughts. Those you relate to will have an impact on you, but ultimately it is your own thinking that is at the helm now. You may feel like you need to tap into more resources, whether it is information, or finances. If it’s finances, borrowing money should only be considered a temporary option. It may seem like easy money at first, but in the long run, debt becomes a burden. It’s a good idea to have strategic plan to repay your debts in time to minimize the interest. What you want is freedom, so you’ll need to be smart about any borrowed money so you don’t have a monkey on your back.

Pisces: It’s time for new experiences. Schedule in some time for fun in the sun. You need it. You need to get out there to enjoy life. Meeting new people and exposing yourself to new creative ideas will help you shine. Your work life has good energy with it now. As long as you put love into what you do, you should find yourself growing. Your career and goals get an infusion of energy. It could feel like too much energy, perhaps a bit stressful, but willpower, motivation and action can make your vision of climbing that ladder a reality. If you’re faced with a hard, logical point of view from someone at the end of the week, it can get on your nerves a bit. Your softer, gentler side prefers more flexibility and a broader, encompassing perspective, so focus on emphasizing that to create balance.

I am so glad you enjoy these horoscopes. My hope is that you find them useful for your life

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