Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for August 8 to 14, 2016

Weekly Horoscope Overview
Weekly Horoscopes for each Sign are listed below after the overview:

The beauty of the sunflower reminds us of the order
of the universe with its Fibonacci sequence.
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As the week begins relationships are in focus. How you define yourself in comparison to others can have an impact on how you feel about yourself and thus affect how your week unfolds.

It may not always be easy, but trying to find commonalities can help smooth over differences between yourself and others. Regardless of what your relationship is with another, it is who you are becoming because of the relationship that matters this week.

Fairness, equality, justice, identity and personal freedom are issues that are likely to come up early in the week to be discussed and contemplated. Read more about Monday with your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope here. 

If you’re dealing with anyone in business or someone that is a representative of you, it’s important to weigh your options so you can make an honest judgment that is in your best interest.

Speaking of commonalities, the Olympics are now up and running and Mars in Sagittarius is perfectly timed. Mars is the athlete and Sagittarius is the one that finds enthusiastic meaning and purpose in life. I know a lot of people have mixed feelings about the Olympics, but one thing we know for sure is that the athletes work hard, they have a vision and they go after it full throttle, pushing themselves to their limits. Even if you don’t like sports, such drive and vision to succeed is certainly commendable and inspiring.

The Olympics remind us of how much alike we are, no matter where we come from on the planet, we can all have similar interests and passions that can bring us together. This is certainly well suited for athletic Mars in worldly Sagittarius.

Mercury, Venus, the North Node and Jupiter are all in Virgo now. Autumn is just around the corner. It’s a great time to get life back in order and productive. This year we are being reminded to get ourselves set up sooner than later.

These planets in Virgo also brings more attention to our daily routines and lifestyles. This would be an excellent time to start adding more variety to your lifestyle to make life more interesting. If you have habits that you keep returning to, it’s a good idea to challenge those habits by replacing them sometimes with a different activity that interests you.

Creating a schedule for your week can make a world of difference to how your life works out. Too many of us just go with the flow, reacting to whatever comes our way in life. But we can also be directors, that choose which direction our life heads in by taking a vested interest in the activities we plan for ourselves.

Positive health and wellness routines are highly recommended now.

Jupiter will only be in Virgo for a few more weeks so do make the most of it while you can. Set yourself up for success, get going on your plans towards the big aspirations you have for your life.

These planets in Virgo speak to work, self worth, what you’re doing to be a productive member of society, and understanding how to deal with money matters. Whether you are an artist or an accountant, in one way or another you need to deal with money matters, and this is the time to get focused. Creating spreadsheets to get yourself on track is recommended.

Keeping on top of things and being more aware of your money situation can help bring clarity to your options now and into the future. In all areas of life, planning ahead makes a world of difference in what you manifest.

More reading, learning, organizing and broadening your creative pursuits are recommended now.

It’s time to get yourself on track to living a lifestyle that feels more like you’re living on the path of your destiny.

Mercury and Pluto are in harmony on Wednesday, August 10, 2016. This can be a good time to make business decisions. You may need to change directions with how you are approaching the day to day processes of what you’re working on.

If you haven’t been in agreement with the established rules of business or office politics, this could be a great time to speak up and have your voice heard. Your suggestions, ideas, especially those that are solutions oriented and geared towards organization and improving processes can impress higher ups. Listen well and speak up when appropriate and the dynamics can change.

If you are simply working on your own goals, this is a great time to make some smart changes in your schedule that allows you to spend your time more efficiently. It’s a great time to be strategic. Intelligent decisions can create a change of pace. Cleaning out your office desk, drawers, files and the like can help you to get on focus. Making lists of goals for your work and your lifestyle is recommended this week.

Saturn changes directions this week, stationing Direct in Sagittarius on Saturday, August 13, 2016 at 5:50 am EDT. This is especially important for the fire signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius and can be a more notable transition for Capricorns too, but of course all of us are up for a change of direction.

If you’ve felt like there have been self-imposed obstacles in the way of your learning, or if you’ve felt like you just didn’t have the time to do the things that you enjoy, things are about to change. Your most responsible choices in how you use your time effectively will allow you to free up some time for enjoyment.

It’s a great time to study and learn as well. It is best to learn through experience. By doing the work, and rising to challenges, the rewards will follow. Taking the time to work towards developing your life into the vision you want is certainly worth it.

Consider how the Olympic athletes made a choice about what they wanted to do with their lives and they made a commitment and went for it. Ultimately their choices have been geared towards their passion and doing the work provides them with the experience of satisfaction with their lives.

It is recommended that you reward yourself for your accomplishments with adventurous fun now. Rewards will motivate you to do the work. If you’ve felt like you’ve wasted time while Saturn was retrograde, using time well now will help you feel more empowered and strengthened.

With Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius now, it also signifies that faith and belief is not enough. Although it can inspire you to make changes you still have to do the work. Practical actions in the real world are necessary to make the changes happen. To make practical gains, you need to take practical actions, and it's best when it's backed by enthusiasm.

This week, consider what actions you can take to reach your aspirations.

Venus in Virgo is not in the best connection with Saturn or Neptune on Saturday and Sunday this week. You may need to work harder than usual to get yourself in order.

It’s certainly not the best time to do anything drastic or with long term consequences like cosmetic surgery. It probably wouldn’t turn out the way you would wish it would, and Venus in Virgo is picky about the details so you are likely to notice flaws and mistakes more easily now. Spending a lot on artwork, or buying anything from a distant land that needs to be shipped from afar is not recommended as it may not be what you expected when it arrives. It’s best to wait on big decisions that affect your wallet now.

Business may have some important transitions to go through this week. If you’re in the field of beauty, the arts, money management, or investing, it’s a good idea to pay closer attention to your financial bottom line, especially routine transactions that you may overlook. Holding off, waiting and having patience in business matters could be helpful overall this week. It’s not the best time to sign big deals, especially regarding business deals in foreign countries. Rules and policies could change and it’s always best to be certain and clear on the details.

Making big business decisions that lock you into a financial deal should be avoided at this time. You’ll need much more clarity on the process and better financial reports before you do anything of the sort. Someone could give you all kinds of fluffed up numbers and vagueries making it seem better than it really would be.

Overall this week, money matters are a big focus. Organizing your books and keeping on top of the daily processes is important. Working towards your goals will bring more emotional fulfillment. Letting go of old routines and habits and replacing them with new ones can be challenging, but the changes will be worth it in the long run.

Of course, with the Sun in Leo, it’s important to have some time in the sunshine and enjoying exploring and expressing your creativity as well. Enjoy entertainment as a reward for all your hard work. Broaden your creative interests. Playing games is also recommended for their social benefits as well. I for one am learning to play Bridge :)

Wishing you a wonderful week!


I’ll talk much more about what’s happening this week with the Daily Astro Advice Horoscopes. Wishing you all the best this week!

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Quick Overview of where the planets are this week:

The Sun is in Leo
The Moon travels from Libra to Capricorn
Mercury is in Virgo
Venus is in Virgo
Mars is in Sagittarius
Jupiter is in Virgo
Saturn stations direct in Sagittarius on August 13, 2016 at 5:50 a.m.
Uranus is retrograde in Aries
Neptune is retrograde in Pisces
Pluto is retrograde in Capricorn

*All times in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)

Weekly Horoscopes for All Signs:
Astro Advice for August 8 to 14, 2016

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Great News! Your Weekly Horoscopes will be starting on Sundays beginning next week, and will be published on Saturday. No more waiting until Monday afternoon for your Weekly Horoscopes.

Aries: It’s a good time to get your work life and lifestyle in order. Creating a schedule can get your mind more focused and on task. Clarity improves as the week progresses. Do put in the time and effort. Changes to what you want are likely to arise and your sense of responsibility for manifesting the life you want will increase in the coming weeks. How you see the world and people is likely to change. Be adaptable is best for you now. Try not to get yourself locked into any long term agreements that don’t feel totally right. Efforts you make now can lead to long term outcomes, so it’s best to be choosy. Looking at your options is best now. Focus more on getting enthusiastic about your life and the potential you have and you’ll make gains in the right direction.

Taurus: Your creativity is on an upswing. Having things in order could make it easier for you to get into your groove. Not having your supplies can halt you from taking on creative tasks. If you’re a beginner, you don’t need the very best or most expensive tools. It is the process itself that matters most and the learning that comes from it that is important. Looking to authority figures and experts for inspiration can give you new goals to look forward to. With motivation to get your life in order on an incline, efficiency in spending is part of the package. Frugality has its benefits as it ensures you think through your purchases rather than wasting money or getting into credit card debt. Intelligent decisions can set you up for success and on your destined path. It’s also a great week to go on a date and enjoy entertainment that stimulates your mind. Making your life adventurous brings happiness.

Gemini: This could be a good time for you to look at your options for loans, especially if you’re doing a renovation or building a project at home. Research is important to help you make better decisions this week. Clearing out your space can help you figure out what you need next. If you’ve had challenges in relationships, this week could be a turning point for you. Improving your relationships with others can become easier when more responsible, respectable interactions are prioritized. It could take more effort than you’d like but it can be rewarding. This is especially true for family members, and in-laws. Connecting with others and spending time with people that are enthusiastic and have a sense of adventure can stimulate you and take a weight off your shoulders. If career matters are unclear, considering how to be of service to others can bring clarity. Offering a helping hand or advice can help you become more focused.

Cancer: Your social interactions with people are in focus now. You could build lasting relationships this week simply by having good conversations. A positive attitude goes a long way. Minimizing your use of words that can offend others is a nice gesture that can improve relations. Talking about problems at work isn’t a great idea this week. It can make you look like a Debbie Downer. Complaining about what isn’t working or what needs to change just isn’t best for conversation now. It is likely that you’ll feel out of sync with work and the routine you have needs a change. The best approach is to decide where you want to put more of your energy towards what really matters to you. How would you really like to be spending your days? Think outside the box, think big, talk about possibilities that you can look forward to and you’ll get yourself on track. Conversations focusing on the positive side of manifesting money, creativity and abundance will take you further.

Leo: You are the star of the zodiac now, with all your sunshine to share. A positive attitude makes decisions easier for you now. This week, it is financial security that is in focus. Getting your books in order, or hiring an accountant is recommended. When you are clearer on where you stand financially you can make better sense of which direction you are heading. Forecasting your income and expenses gives you personal power and helps you make smarter decisions going forward. Speaking with an authority figure or boss about money matters can help you find clarity on where you stand so you can make plans. It’s not a great time to gamble, especially if you aren’t clear on how much you can spare for fun. Gambling just isn’t the responsible way to be dealing with your money matters now. Too much risk can negatively affect your bottom line. The responsible, more reserved choice is more empowering now.

Virgo: Your sense of identity and self worth are going through some important developments now. Jupiter will be in your sign for a few more weeks, so you should make the most of it. Taking charge of your life with more self love, more positive self-talk and a more uplifting mindset can relieve you of worries and give you more confidence. It is the practical actions you take day in and day out that make all the difference. Positive, healthy lifestyle routines are essential to remind you of the good parts of life that inspire you. You can lead by example and you can manifest a lot of good in the world now. All relationships are best for you now when you are being of kind service. You may have reminders of personal challenges this week, that act as catalysts to get you more focused on creating good habits. Keep up the good work and you will do well.

Libra: This week starts off with the Moon in your sign. You could be surprised by the behavior, attitude or decisions of another. How you feel about it says a lot about who you are and what your personal values are. Though you like to keep the peace you don’t always need to agree with whatever others do. Defining yourself often requires that you see who you are in comparison or relation to others. Trust your instincts and your intuition when you’re interacting with others. You may recognize how the universe is in order. Pay attention to the synchronicities that come your way. You could have a dream, or a daydream that bubbles up from your subconscious and wakes you up to your highest potential and meaning of your life. You don’t need to share or talk about it with others, especially those that wouldn’t understand. Sometimes having your own realization is enough and doesn’t need to be validated by anyone else. A change of perspective is on tap for you this week.

Scorpio: Socializing is right up your alley this week. It is especially useful to have conversations about areas of life that need to change. It could be political talk, but it could also be more personal. How you see yourself as being useful and of service to the world and using your life to your potential can change this week, putting you on a path that feels more orderly and destined. It’s important to purge yourself of negative thinking this week, and instead focus more on what you can do to have an impact and create changes in the world around you, even in small ways. Perhaps you may start to be more attentive to recycling, or to eating healthier foods. It’s a great time to join in and interact with others that have the intention of living a better lifestyle. Your perception of money can change this week as well. It’s a good idea to be more responsible with your finances this week and remember that you can’t buy love and you shouldn’t have to.

Sagittarius: Saturn goes direct in your sign this week. This is good news, especially if you’ve been feeling weighed down by doubts or even depression over the past few months. There is more energy coming your way to get enthusiastic about your life. Mars signifies new potential and drive to succeed, which can gladly help you overcome self doubts. Exercise is recommended for an extra boost of self esteem. Activity that makes you sweat releases feel good hormones like endorphins that provide a feeling of euphoria and a greater sense of well being. Procrastination and wasting time doesn’t serve you well. You could realize this week that more direction and focus of energy gives you vitality and greater ambition. Your career is likely to demand that you implement new habits to ensure your money matters change for the better. It’s time to get reenergized.

Capricorn: You can have an adventurous lifestyle. With your tendency to be empowered by taking the lead your decisions often direct outcomes. When you set your mind to something you can do just about anything. This week benefits from planning. You do need to be able to go with the flow as well for any variables that come up, but having a decisive approach to which way you’re heading ensures you have a better chance at attaining your goals. Others could have differences of opinion, or other suggestions, but it’s best if you take the lead. If you’ve had doubts about what the bigger purpose of life is over the past few months, this week you’re going to slowly but surely start to gain clarity. A sense of adventure is calling you. If you can’t make up your mind on what that adventure is, a brainstorming session can help you gain clarity. Having something to look forward to can change your life.

Aquarius: You could wake up to any fantasies you’ve held about money this week. You may have a romantic view of the law of attraction, but finances are serious business. Money doesn’t just fall out of the sky because you’d like to believe it will or because you simply believe you deserve it. There are a lot of rules around money, especially around debt and borrowing. Debt will just keep growing if you don’t have a good handle on it. A change in your approach to resources can help you become more responsible. The people you consider your peers can change this week as well. It’s not a good time to be lending your friends money, or to dress to impress others as a matter of perceived status. You’ll need to be honest with yourself about your lifestyle in order to make the right changes this week.

Pisces: Seeing other people get their life in order can be inspiring, but sometimes it can be intimidating. Especially if you’re more of a go-with-the-flow kind of person, seeing people having everything organized can feel daunting. Others could be examples of a more detail oriented lifestyle, but some could put the pressure on you to follow suit, and you may not want to. However, if you can appreciate the efforts of others, some of the good qualities can rub off or pique your interest. You may need to take a cafeteria approach, where you take what you like and leave the rest of the suggestions behind. However, we are heading into that time of year where it’s important to be more on track, so it’s not a bad idea to put in some effort. If you’re out socializing this week, you could meet some interesting people that can have a positive impact on you, and some may even become a more regular part of your routine, perhaps even a love interest. However, do be sure that they aren’t distracting you from important career responsibilities you need to tend to this week.

I am so glad you enjoy these horoscopes. My hope is that you find them useful for your life.

Thank you so much for reading and sharing online.

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