Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for August 4, 2016

The Moon meets Venus in Leo very early in the morning. This brings more emphasis to the feminine qualities we love to adore of beauty and sparkly objects. Late Wednesday night (early Thursday morning) would be the perfect time to sing a tune, paint or draw to access creativity and much inner beauty.

Being supportive, kind and caring to those who are finding their personal ways to express their personality is well received. When you support others in their craft, it can help them shine that much more.

A tendency towards excess is possible, particularly in food and money matters. If you are the gambling type, you could overspend, particularly if you're in a party mood.

Do be conscious of how people are portraying their personalities to capture your heart and emotions. It's extra easy to be charmed and seduced now.

Sometimes people will put on a show, a performance of sorts, because what they really want is something out of it. If you notice someone is being overly nice, and excessively grateful, it could be because it's part of showmanship, and played like a game. There is a difference between being genuinely nice and being too nice. It's possible that the player actually wants something from you, and it could very well be your money. If someone is flaunting prosperity but still wants to dig in your pockets, that says a lot. Excessive jewelry, glitz, glamour and obvious excesses, such as rarely wearing the same outfit twice, could be clues to the real intention behind the persona. Trust what your senses are telling you. Your observation and gut reaction can say a lot.

The Moon enters Virgo early in the morning. This is excellent for housework. Getting your home, and home office, in order can be an outlet to blowing off some steam with Mars squarely in the picture. It’s likely that things out of order can be more frustrating than usual today. Use that frustration to give you an extra boost to get the work done.

Though there can be some tension, particularly mental tension, emotional intelligence is in order today. If there has been frustration that has gotten under your skin, it’s best to take a step back and use your logic to find solutions. A few moments of meditation can improve your mood and align your thoughts to your objective.

It is the challenges today that can throw us off our schedule. If you’re not good at keeping a schedule, today is likely to remind you of why it’s important to get yourself in order. It's not a good idea to be late for appointments today. Try to be early and on time if possible.

In terms of procrastination, we can always find some reason to say we don’t have enough time. It's important to try to make the time by planning how to use your time effectively now.

If you feel like work is taking over your life and you don’t have time to enjoy the good things, this is the day for a reality check on what to do about that. Frustrations, procrastination and obstacles can eventually lead to healthier decisions today.

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