Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for August 22, 2016

Mercury and Jupiter in Virgo highlight the day and the Sun also enters Virgo.

Today is great for thinking more about your health and wellness. Positive thinking has a way of making life feel more orderly. Big ideas coupled with confidence and a positive attitude improves your way of life today.

A long term schedule is a great idea. If you’re making a business plan of any kind, this is the day to get to work on the details including the larger desired outcomes and the many steps to get there.

It’s also a great day to practice developing your skills, whether you write, play an instrument or fly a plane, all the effort you put in today will bring a sense of accomplishment. Practice makes perfect.

Brilliant ideas and a change of mood can come on out of nowhere. Using each moment to the fullest brings emotional satisfaction.

This can be a lucky day. Business owners, accountants, health care practitioners, wellness coaches and the like can find today begins an all frame of mind. New routines are recommended now that focus on being efficient, effective and goal oriented.

There is a quick energy to the day to tap into. Once you have things in order, it’s a good idea to step outside and enjoy some fresh air. Put your feet in the grass and experiences your senses to tap into the Moon entering Taurus.

This is one of the better days for getting your life on track, so use the day to its fullest and be productive for best results.

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Today's Spotlight:
Mercury and Jupiter +
Moon and Uranus +
Sun enters Virgo at 12:38 p.m. EDT
Moon Aries-Taurus
Sun and Moon +

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