Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for August 23, 2016

Today is excellent for spending time in nature to gain perspective on life. We live in a physical world, but the world at it’s foundation is made of energy. Today, sensing that energy and the magical, mystical qualities of life go hand in hand with the natural world.

Whether you are outside breathing in the fresh air, enjoying dining on a double chocolate cheesecake, you’re unwinding with the subtle flavors of an herbal tea, or relaxing in a steam room with the fragrance of eucalyptus, it all comes together as a physical and energetic experience.

It’s an excellent time to get a massage that takes you into another world as you relax and drift off into realms of imagination and daydreams. It’s also a great time to sit under a tree and meditate or do yoga in the park.

Take some time today to appreciate all the divine qualities the natural world brings us and you will feel a sense of peace and wonder that takes you into the realms of higher consciousness.

Feeling embodied in the natural world and connected to the more spiritual side of life is the surest way to be transformed within now. Goals you have for your life are set to change today.

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