Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for August 24, 2016

Mars meets Saturn in Sagittarius today! Someone recently asked me what this meant, and said that they were told it would be explosive.

Well, people do tend to think that Mars meeting heavy hitting Saturn as a less than positive omen.

Yes, airline travels would do well to be extra cautious today particularly of engines and mechanical parts. There could be a clash of cultures and ideologies, that is demonstrated highly in the media as well, and could be centered around escalated racial differences and beliefs. Essentially, the clashing egos can cause a lot of problems in the real world.

How I usually look at astrology is more personal though. I like to see astrology as a tool for self improvement and empowerment, to bring forward the best and deal with the negative aspects of life with a solutions oriented approach.

Mars and Saturn meeting indicates that there is a strong need to take responsible, respectful action in order to live up to our higher potential. These planets are in Sagittarius, a highly positive, philosophical sign with lots of fire energy.

Mars in Sagittarius shows that our actions can have a positive impact helping us to overcome the obstacles before us that Saturn symbolizes. We may need to face reality and muster a greater force of willpower to push forward and overcome our limitations. Efforts now can leads to tangible rewards, leading to meaningful growth.

It’s a great time to take a look at your vision board, and see what fears have held you back from greater achievement. Too often we hold ourselves back from living out our dreams. It may take a healthy dose of personal pride in yourself to push beyond your perceived limitations and self doubts so you can live more authentically.

For some this can be a time where they finally feel like they are taking charge of their life and becoming an adult. By believing in yourself and taking real-world, tangible actions you can manifest the reality you really do want.

It is also an excellent time to exercise and push yourself through to the other side testing your stamina. The results can bring worthwhile satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. It’s a week of health and wellness as well, so this can work out well, giving you a boost of esteem that you can do it when you draw on your willpower.

With the Moon positively connecting with Venus, Jupiter and Mercury, it is practical work that leads to emotional stability. Today focus on doing what you can to improve the way you live life day to day. It is the healthy routines and habits you form that ultimately lead to greater success.

The Moon will enter Gemini as the day progresses and we’re reminded that it takes effort to stay positive. Today can give us the reminder that to improve life, we need to think better and do better.

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