Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for August 25, 2016

Today calls for emotional intelligence. It can be difficult to achieve but worth reaching for. The Moon in Gemini this week just isn’t the best placement as there are a lot of squares and oppositions to deal with here.

This can lead to some tougher talks, or interactions in relationships, especially romantic relationships or with those you are in close partnership with. To a lesser degree, this can include business and platonic relationships as well.

Differences of opinion and beliefs can stir up lots of emotions to deal with and can increase mind chatter to the point of insomnia.

The thing to remember today is that opinions are merely opinions, and just might be based on limited information. We all know that communication is often a great solution to problems, but when people are stuck in their ways and can’t get over disagreements it can bring up lots of mixed thoughts and feelings.

Facts and fantasy are at odds today. Differences of religious ideologies can be one of the more significant causes of disagreements today so it is best to leave them untouched if possible. Everyone has a right to their own beliefs, it’s when people impose or push their beliefs on others as the be all and end all fact of reality that it becomes a bigger problem.

You can take the higher road today, which may mean nodding and agreeing even when you have the urge to speak up and say otherwise. Compassion is at the forefront of the road to peace today.

Sometimes stepping away for your own peace of mind is the wisest route.

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