Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for August 26, 2016

Yesterday, you may remember that the Moon in Gemini signified differences. Today brings along the same, but could have more of an edge with Mars involved.

Mars and Neptune are at odds today and this can lead to some bursts of egotism. It is a difference of beliefs and religious ideologies and cultural divides that are the most pronounced bones of contention.

We’ve all been brought up in different ways, and conditioned to have worldviews. Some are totally convinced in the traditions and are afraid of looking beyond what they’ve been told to believe, while others are free spirits with eternally open minds. Sometimes when faced, these differences can clash.

The positive side of today is that you could have an emotional awakening. Epiphanies can show up through words and ideas today. Though there is likely to be differences of opinion, something said can reach you and give you a new perspective that makes you feel like a different person.

Another issue with today can be a difference of how things are done. Perhaps you like things to be done a certain way and have certain expectations, and someone else has a different way. The different approaches can create conflict.

The important things is that at the end of the day, all that has come about gets you back in touch with your emotions, and that’s not a bad thing. As emotional beings, we need to be challenged sometimes to decide what feels right to us.

A good way to unwind today is to chill out, enjoy a bit of comfort food and relax in the comfort of your own private space. Know that ultimately, we are all a part of one big human family and we’ve all got the same source.

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