Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for August 27, 2016

Today has a more positive quality to it that many of us will welcome with open arms. It’s a day that inspires us to develop our creative process so that what we do each day helps us to shine within.

It’s an excellent day to visualize and imagine the kind of feelings you associate with being totally on track to living a life that is destined and purposeful.

Venus and Jupiter are big players in how today unfolds. As they meet in Virgo, we’re encouraged to bring a sense of prosperity and abundance to the work we do. When you place your bets on experiencing the positive blessings life has available, you have a better chance of manifesting them.

It’s about spending time developing your skills to your highest potential and believing that you are capable.

When you believe in yourself you can make magic happen. Today is a good day to have business talks about money matters, and how to organize yourself to make big things happen.

Focusing on doing what you love will open you up to new opportunities. It is the positive approach that has the best chance of creating a life of real magic.

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Today's Spotlight:
Moon and Sun, Neptune +
Venus and Jupiter +

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