Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for August 31, 2016

This is an excellent day for artists and creators. The quality of innovation and creative liberation is with us now. Flashes of insights are likely to arise that inspire you to express yourself and appreciate your personality at an all new level.

Singers, dancers, designers and performers will find that allowing your voice to find you without thinking about it is the best route. Just let it happen. It is when the mind gets in the way that we often hold ourselves back and critique ourselves. Early in the day is the time to forget about all that and just let yourself be as you are.

This can also be great for leadership and owning your personal power. It’s a day to reinvent yourself.

As we get closer to mid-day the Moon enters Virgo and prepares for the New Moon. It’s a great time to release old habits and patterns so you can replace them with better habits and approaches to life once the New Moon arrives.

Life should start to feel like you’re getting yourself in order. Feeling the need to change in work, health and lifestyle sets us up for excellent, new progress to take us into September.

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