Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for August 5, 2016

It’s easy to soak up the emotions of others today and to project your own onto others. It can be especially frustrating if you’re unable to find your own focus to get on with your day.

Just going with the flow early today and being too lackadaisical could lead to guilt and prompt you to get yourself in order and on schedule to feel more grounded. Being unclear about your health and wellness objectives can also leave you feeling disconnected.

Artists would find abstracts to be the better option today as precision and measurement could be difficult to deal with now. Mathematicians, engineers and architects will likely need more coffee to keep focused. It's easy to zone out early in the day. Beginning meditators will likely find random mind chatter extra challenging.

As the day progresses attention to detail becomes clearer for more of us.

Financial matters come into focus as do career objectives. When you want to achieve something it’s best to have an emotional attachment to the outcome. It will give you more reason to keep on the path to completion.

Venus enters Virgo today at 11:27 a.m. Financial matters and dealing with money comes more into focus. Knowing what’s happening with your money situation is a good thing! As part of the next few weeks, you may find that taking care of your body, and getting yourself on a self-care routine, will contribute well to how you keep track of your financial picture. Everything is interconnected. A clean and organized environment helps too.

Beauty is usually recognized most in orderliness and complimentary balance. Practicing your photography skills, or your attention to details and angles in artwork can bring out great skills helping you to understand composition and precision. Read more about Venus entering Virgo here.

Though emotions want the feel good stuff, logic requires realistic insight, knowledge and facts. Wishful thinking and inflating numbers may feel good today, but Virgo is all about the real details. Keeping your eye on the big picture is important, but to get there you’ll need to be real about the process and the progress.

Politicians and those in the corporate business world could find blanket statements will work for some, but it is the finer points that more are looking for now.

Overall today, during the process towards growth, you may find good benefits in releasing outworn rules or traditions that have been sticking around for long enough, in order to get yourself on track. You can learn from the past, but the future requires adaptability.

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Venus enters Virgo at 11:27 a.m. EDT

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