Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for August 6, 2016

We have Mercury and Saturn at odds today, so being overly picky about details can be too much for some. Mind chatter, especially gripeing with pessimistic points of view can limit you today.

Shyness is likely to increase in social situations for those that aren’t usually overly enthusiastic with crowds full of strangers. Conversations about differing religious beliefs and worldviews can escalate into the stratosphere. Nodding and agreeing can seem like a cop-out , but it can help keep tensions at bay.

Guided meditation can be helpful to focus the mind from random chatter, and put your thoughts on track. Silent meditation would likely be much more difficult.

It’s very easy to be critical today, especially of yourself. If you have any tendencies towards perfectionism it can lead to obsessions. The demands we can put on ourselves in the name of appearance can increase significantly when Venus is in Virgo, especially today with Mars at odds with Venus. You don’t need to have your hair perfect, even though you may think you do. Body shaming can be quite damaging to one’s self esteem.

In relationships, disagreements can get heated over the smallest thing so do try to take a breather if you sense the tension is rising. If you and your partner end up at each other’s throats disagreeing, it could go either way - a need for a time out and a step away, or it could lead to passionate, lively encounters. Anger and frustration can lead to mixed results. The tendency to hold onto grudges can last longer today.

Luckily we have the Moon in Libra for much of the day, which can bring more calm to the emotions. Being more receptive and seeking balanced perspectives will help bring peacefulness.

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Today's Spotlight:
Mercury and Saturn -
Moon Virgo-Libra 12:56 p.m.
Moon and Mars +
Venus and Mars -

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