Full Moon in Pisces Eclipse. Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for September 16, 2016

Today is a Full Moon in Pisces and Lunar Eclipse at 3:05 p.m. EDT.

The question that this Full Moon poses is, “How have you been of service?” In developing to your higher purpose and your potential, how have you contributed to the good, the peace, harmony and tranquility of life around you?

Karma is not how we generally consider it in the western world - as an “eye for an eye” or “you’ll get what you deserve.” That vengeful perspective is based on the ego, self-centeredness, selfishness and separateness. On a superficial level, we’ve been taught in the west that competition is priority - to be first, better, richer, smarter, faster, more beautiful, more successful than our peers so we stand out as special and important compared to others.

Karma is simply action and the consequences that follow, good or bad. Those of us interested in living a life of higher consciousness, fairness, equality, compassion, love and kindness recognize how we can intentionally guide our actions towards positive results and outcomes.

Pisces is about getting past all that “me against you” perspective of reality. Pisces is about dissolving the ego. Unity and oneness is an important highlight of the Piscean archetype. It is love of a higher order where others become just as important as yourself. It is giving, and being of service for the benefit of another without putting yourself first.

Today, Mercury retrograde in Virgo stands across from the Moon in Pisces. We are each now in a phase of life of refiguring out how we are living day to day. Our routines and lifestyle need us to rethink our approach so we can use our time best.

The Moon also stands at hard angle to Mars today, bringing focus to our actions. Particularly it reminds us of actions we've taken that are not so positive. Acknowledging those, we can move forward choosing to take better actions that take our spirit into consideration rather than letting our ego be the driving force.

Overall it is karma that comes into focus. What are you choosing and doing each day, and how does that impact your own life, the lives of people around you, and the world? This Full Moon can be particularly poignant for those who are trapped in destructive, addictive behavior, drugs and alcohol. This can be your awakening to change your habits for the better.

The Full Moon can bring awareness and also release secrets.

Pisces is a higher vibration of energy. The Full Moon can be felt on intuitive, emotional levels. Taking some time today to center yourself, to meditate and tap into that higher state of awareness and oneness can raise your vibration. Everything is energy. How are you helping to bring positive energy to reality?

This is also an important time to listen to your inner voice. It will always have something to say during the Full Moon, especially during an eclipse. Meditate to access higher wisdom.

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Full Moon in Pisces Lunar Eclipse at 3:05 p.m. EDT

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