Jupiter enters Libra. Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for September 9, 2016

Jupiter makes his big move leaving Virgo to enter Libra today at 7:18 a.m. EDT.

Jupiter will be in Libra until next Autumn, in 2017. I talk much more about Jupiter in Libra in this week’s Weekly Horoscope.

With Jupiter entering Libra we will each start to recognize how important it is to have harmonious, mindful relationships with others. Developing trust with people is easy for some, and not so easy for others, depending on your history of experiences.

With Jupiter in Libra we are likely be drawn into relationships that we feel are most trustworthy. People we have harmonious relationships with can be major factors in our personal growth. Relationships that help us to learn what types of people are worth trusting or not, come more into focus as well. This means we may encounter people that may not be so trustworthy as sign posts giving us a choice to go in a different direction.

Excessive optimism we usually find accompanying Jupiter does have a double edge. Jupiter usually brings a large level of growth and positive qualities but can also bring excessive, blind optimism and naivety. Though we may wish everyone had loving, glowing hearts, it doesn’t make it reality unfortunately. That kind of level of consciousness requires transcendence over the ego, and for most people that still a major work in progress.

Trust usually isn’t given away freely, but needs to be earned. Getting to know someone thoroughly brings wisdom. There’s no need to rush into relationships with Jupiter in Libra. They'll grow organically.

Those who have deep attachments to their ego go through a growth spurt as their ego is reflected back to them.

Realistically speaking, we live in a world that is not all just love and light and we need to face various choices and situations that reach through the spectrum of both positive and negative.

If you have an overly optimistic attitude towards those you interact with, you could end up putting too much trust in others simply because they charm you. This is important especially in terms of business relationships. Savvy, sweet talkers can have a methodical way of building a rapport, especially when they wish to sell you something or get something from you. These are people who think of themselves first and foremost as the center of the universe (that's what the ego does) and the sale or transaction to their benefit. If someone marketing to you is hyping you up, and intends to make you excited with big promises, big smiles and flowery words, chances are before you know it you’ll be implored to dish something out from your pocket in one way or another.

I share this as a reminder that although you may have the best intentions and an open heart with Jupiter in Libra, not everyone does, unfortunately. The ego is a part of reality and a lot of people demonstrate it thoroughly.

Discernment is necessary with Jupiter in Libra. It is the sign of the scales and measures both the good and the bad. It is the sign of judgment. So, it is important to use your intelligence to make fair judgments of authenticity.

When you do have people in your life that are authentic and trustworthy, it can be a great time to work together to create harmonious results. Cooperation, equality, fairness, and justice are highlighted now.

Much growth will come from having to make discerning choices about right and wrong.

The media will be of particular importance in our debates on the truth. Emphasis on what is true, and what is not will escalate as we head forward. Pluto in Capricorn, at odds with Jupiter in the coming months, will strongly highlight trust issues with politicians and business leaders.

Venus is in Libra now as well. Just imagine if everyone chose to be totally honest, and based their decisions on an honest heart, with the intention of love, peace and harmony. I think it is possible when we bring our attention to focus on the direction we choose. The world would be a different place. We can create a more peaceful, harmonious world, one person at a time.

Your choices impact life around you and leads to your karma.

What you do affects everyone around you. Bring good energy into the world.

Pay attention to coincidences today. They can wake you up, shake you up and give you a much larger, more meaningful worldview. A more balanced philosophy on life brings goodness.

I talk a lot more about Jupiter entering Libra in the Weekly Horoscope here.


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Jupiter enters Libra on September 9, 2016 at 7:18 a.m. EDT
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