Jupiter enters Libra. Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for September 4 to 10, 2016

Weekly Horoscope Overview
Weekly Horoscopes for each Sign are listed below after the overview:

Jupiter transits from Virgo to Libra this week and will remain in Libra for a year.  

Welcome to another week.

The Moon is now growing fuller since the New Moon in Virgo last week, and transits from Libra to Capricorn this week.

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The Sun and the North Node meet in Virgo on September 4, 2016 at 4:18 pm EDT. This day could awaken you to know yourself to a much greater degree. You are likely to come to big realizations around this time that set you on the path to living a life on track to your destiny. A successful mindset opens doors. Self knowledge gets amped up and your habits come into focus.

For some this could be the day to quit smoking, or start exercising. It’s a great day to set yourself a goal and take proactive steps towards making your life better. This would be a great day to do your yoga sun salutations to get in touch with your well being.

This can also be a great time to reflect on business plans and ways to improve your lifestyle. With Mercury retrograde paying closer attention to the details, and doing research is important. Information can be tricky, so extra effort is beneficial.

The Sun and Pluto are in positive correlation on September 7th. This is great for getting rid of all the junk that is in your way to being most productive and working towards your goals. Cleaning your office and your files is recommended.

With Mercury retrograde in Virgo now as well, it’s an excellent time to look at how your mental habits dictate much of your day. What patterns do you keep repeating? Getting rid of bad habits and replacing them with new ones so you can feel healthier and more capable of reaching goals that matter is recommended.

Also remember with Mercury retrograde renegotiating finances and business options is a good thing, as long as you are paying close attention to the details and asking lots of questions. Be sure you are absolutely clear and read the fine print before you sign. If you do that well, you can negotiate better deals.

Self knowledge and the ability to transform your life are highlighted with the Sun trine Pluto. It’s a good time to take a leadership role in your own life so you are empowered.

If you have someone that lords over you with their ego or their position of authority, you could find the respect you deserve this week. This is especially true in work and career when you have a good work ethic.

If you’ve sensed something hasn’t been working right, or perhaps policies and procedures are defunct, this can be a good time to clean up what’s been brushed under the rug so you can move forward with optimism and clarity.

Work on making positive changes to help your work and career life light up. Through the process you can find your personal power and ambitions are awakened.

Venus in Libra and Saturn in Sagittarius are also in harmony on September 7th. This would be a great time to enjoy the pleasures and beauty of the natural world. Standing high on a hill overlooking the vast majesty of the world around you would take some time to climb, but would be worth it.

If you are usually tempted to spend on the most beautiful things, enthusiasm could be tempered by weighing your options. By looking at the pros and cons a better choice is likely to be made overall.

Committed relationships could find compromising on your choice of adventure today can solidify bonds. Fairness and equality are in focus, particularly in relationships. Connecting with people at the heart level is recommended. It’s a great time to work on the heart chakra to recognize the common thread between us all.

Jupiter makes his big move this week, leaving Virgo to enter Libra on September 9, 2016 at 7:18 a.m. EDT. Jupiter will be in Libra for over a year, until Autumn 2017.

A lot more emphasis is going to be placed on equality and fairness. Libra is the sign of the scales and is all about balance. Each of us will be having to make big considerations on how to bring balance to our lives and the world. Both Jupiter and Libra relate to justice and law.

Journalism and the media will be a major focus on developments, and more of us will question just how balanced the media is. Biased, even propaganda-type information will likely increase over the next year, with exaggerations being the norm, and a louder counterculture asking for the truth. Censorship, free speech and political correctness will also become more talked about. The question all of will be asking and demanding to know will be, “What really is the truth and what is right and fair?” A need for harmony in our everyday lives, and in global concerns will be more in focus. Cultural divides and unification of people will be explored thoroughly.

The importance of relationships and how we are interconnected will be explored. Our understanding of the meaning and purpose of life will grow exponentially through relationships. Life is set to become much more philosophical for many of us overall.

This will be a great time for artists to express and explore big topics of life. Beauty, harmony and existentialism deserves much more attention. Art with a message of justice, balance and equality will be highlighted and recognized.

Putting out positive thoughts and energy can reverberate and return to you multiplied.

We have a whole year to go through with Jupiter in Libra. I’ll be talking about it much more as we go along.

The week ends with mixed feelings as Saturn and Neptune are at odds. This usually manifests itself as a reality check. Wishes, dreams and fantasies are tempered by real-word responsibilities. For artists, writers and journalists, the imagination can feel limited or blocked more than usual now requiring extra effort to find your flow. It can be like a dam blocking the flow of a river. For others dreams can lean toward nightmares if fears or anxieties are at the back of your mind. A healthy meditative practice can help bring ease to your mind.

For yoga practitioners, pushing through the challenges to completion can help you realize inner barriers to overcome.

You may be a dreamer, wanting peace, harmony and love to reign, but sometimes the real world can demand that we face harder facts. Issues of racism and cultural clashes can leave some people jaded and confused about the state of the world. When we look at reality, Oneness can seem so far away in the grand scheme of things. But it is actually only as far away as your heart. More work on developing compassion and understanding is needed going forward. You can be a beacon of higher consciousness as part of the larger process.

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Quick Overview of where the planets are this week:

The Sun is in Virgo
The Moon transits Libra to Capricorn this week
Mercury is retrograde in Virgo.
Venus is in Libra
Mars is in Sagittarius
Jupiter transits from Virgo to Libra on September 9, 2016 at 7:18 a.m.
Saturn is in Sagittarius
Uranus is retrograde in Aries
Neptune is retrograde in Pisces
Pluto is retrograde in Capricorn

*All times in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)

Weekly Horoscopes for All Signs:
Astro Advice for September 4 to 10, 2016

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Aries: This week is great for you to get your business and lifestyle aligned with the life you envision for yourself. Reflections on business, career and how you live day to day can turn on a light that feels destined. Is your lifestyle what you really want it to be? Your relationships are also going to become more in focus with love dominating the landscape. Emotional connections to loved ones changes your personal identity. Jupiter is making a grand entrance into your relationship sector. It’s time to love and be loved.

Taurus: You could feel quite fortunate this week. Not only is your creativity going through a revamp, but your days benefit greatly from creating new, balanced routines. It’s all about health and harmony for you now. Making sure your days engage all your senses in positive ways lifts you up. Making sure your life is more adventurous will bring satisfaction too. Get out there and see the world. Being financially responsible and getting rid of debt will give you a glow of well being. At the end of the week, if an acquaintance, group or charity asks to dig into your pockets, make sure you ask lots of questions about the details first so you are clear about the decisions you’re making.

Gemini: If you’re having communication issues with family or those close, try not to dwell on the little details. I know Gemini’s can obsess over interpreting what other people think, say or mean especially when others are not being clear. This can be especially noticeable on social media posts that are cryptic or lack details. It’s better that you feel content with who you are and not worry about what other people are thinking. Ultimately, you can’t control what goes on in other people’s minds and worrying about it doesn’t help. However, you can control what you focus on in your own mind. The creative forces of beauty, harmony and love are calling for you now. Focus on those and you’ll feel much better about life.

Cancer: New information, a message or a memory can wake you up this week, particularly if it’s about health and your day to day habits. Conversations are likely to turn on the light and lead to further research. If you overhear something from the sidelines this week, make sure you put it in context and have the information correct before you make assumptions. In any case, the direction your mind goes in this week can significantly impact your future. Having an honest relationship with family members and those close is important this week. Spending time together can unlock barriers. If you’re traveling make sure you have your itinerary in order to avoid last minute confusion.

Leo: Building a solid foundation is in focus for you now. Whether that means literally building a house, or developing a healthy income for the lifestyle you want, it is your sense of security that is in focus. You may need to rethink your strategy and put pen to paper to weed out past issues to make room for better ideas. Renegotiating finances can work out well if you pay close attention to the details with Mercury retrograde. There is more than one way to look at a situation. Do be cautious of salespeople that are intentionally being unclear. You will also likely find that pleasant conversations lead to big ideas worth exploring further this week. Visiting a gallery, particularly large, beautiful sceneries, sculptures and works of art can inspire faith in a bigger vision of reality. Creative work brings satisfaction and enthusiasm to your life this week.

Virgo: The Sun meets the North Node in your sign this week. This can be a realization of personal, inner truth that awakens you to live more aligned with your authentic self. To know yourself is a great gift. When you know yourself, you understand others. With Mercury retrograde in your sign, plenty of emphasis is placed on you asking yourself questions to get to know yourself better. Self assessment tests are worth doing now. It’s a good time to look into the mirror and see who is staring back. You may also find that your financial situation is on an uptick. Doing what you love, with real purpose and a desire to grow and learn will lead you in the right direction. Put in the effort to learning more will bring benefits. If you’re having relationship issues, remember compassion heals.

Libra: Jupiter enters your sign this week and will remain with you for an entire year. You will find that your self awareness becomes much more important to you. Positive reinforcements of abundance, prosperity and self worth helps you to feel good about yourself. An increase of esteem and self love is in order. Make love, harmony and honesty your priorities and you’ll attract good energy. You could also have an epiphany this week while daydreaming or in your nighttime dreams. The problem is your memory may not be so great, so writing down the information before it dissipates is recommended. A routine sleep-wake cycle each day helps you feel on track. To keep yourself in order, daily affirmations and reminders can help.

Scorpio: Socializing is an important part of your week. Creating a routine with others can lift you up and encourage a new, healthier lifestyle. Whether it is an acquaintance, or someone in a group, charity or volunteer work you do, interactions with others is your key to a new way of life. Asking questions can lead to awakenings. Big, adventurous, cosmic dreams could come your way this week as well. Creating positive karma for yourself is going to be highly important over the next year. The big picture, philosophical side of life is going to lead to great inner growth. Make sure you are leading an adventurous, goal oriented life this week for best results. Don’t let money or a lack of supplies or tools come in the way of your creative ideas. Your imagination is free.

Sagittarius: Your goals in life are changing, and you are likely to have an awakening this week. It’s a good idea for you to incorporate health and wellness into your list of goals. Taking care of yourself, and getting yourself in tune with a good schedule is a positive way to lead to successful outcomes that impact many areas of your life. It’s also a good idea for you to be enjoying the company of others. You may wish to explore more of your ideas and join groups that have good intentions. What kind of people would you love to be interacting with and learning from? Self respect infuses your life with empowerment now. Value yourself and your motivation will only increase. Issues with house and home can affect your emotions later this week, so do keep your spirits up by socializing with positive people.

Capricorn: Do you want your life to be more adventurous? Well, you may not be able to figure out all the details, but inspiration is sure to find you this week. Whether it is travel, learning or an all new philosophy on life that grabs your attention, a shift is set to take place. A change in mentality, changes your worldview. From that, you can explore ideas on how to expand your lifestyle and make your dreams a reality. Career matters are also gaining positive energy this week with Jupiter’s power and influence. Use the gift of your imagination, think big and follow your heart. You get on track to your destiny when you pay attention to what lights you up inside. Rethink your plans and strategy. Brainstorming with pen and paper can do you good.

Aquarius: The law of attraction can be on your side this week. The kind of energy you put out is not all about the show or persona you project, it’s about the real you, behind the scenes, when nobody is watching. You can’t fool the universe. What’s really going on inside your head can not be hidden. The truth will manifest itself, and this week you could feel like you wake up to that truth. With Mercury retrograde, contracts, loans, and the like will need extra attention. It’s not the best time to sign. It is a good time to consider how you want your life to be more adventurous. Jupiter is going to be in harmony with you. Seeing more of the world and life beyond your bubble can bring you a greater sense of peace.

Pisces: Your connection to other people helps ground you this week. Relationships are your ticket to a new path forward. A lack of clarity, or miscommunication can actually be the catalyst to you developing a new routine that helps you feel lighter. Pick something to try out as part of a new schedule and see how it goes. Healthy habits are in focus. Having faith that life will work out and you will be provided for can help keep your spirits up. In that way, the law of attraction works in your favor. The good intentions you put out there can return good luck your way. If you feel like you’re limited in your career this week, keep pushing forward. Determination and stamina will keep you strong and ward off potential blues.

I am so glad you enjoy these horoscopes. My hope is that you find them useful for your life.

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