Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for September 6, 2016

Today good behavior is to your benefit. Your positive reactions and how you assert yourself can lead to good results.

With good karma as your higher intention in all you do today, especially in your work and career matters, you can climb the ladder like a shining beacon. Doing research and brainstorming practical ways to reach your goals is recommended. Imagination and dreaminess is easy to access today helping you to come up with great ideas.

The ability to see through facades and dishonesty is also heightened today. The Moon in Scorpio is like the instinctive detective that sees what’s really going on behind the scenes. It also signifies other people's money. As well, with Mercury retrograde it's important to pay closer attention to how the trickster energy may be playing out, particularly in business and finance now.

I’ve never been a fan of sales tactics. They can have a deceptive, dishonest quality to them that never sit right with me. Salespeople wanting your money may tell you there is limited tickets or space, but much of the time, that’s not the truth. It’s simply a sales tactic. The salesperson is projecting a mindset of fear to make you believe that you may not be able to get what they are offering unless you act now. The intention is to make you feel like you are competing with others to get what the salesperson is offering, and that there is bigger demand than there really is, so that you rush to sign up right away. The real point of such a mind game by the salesperson is to get as many customers as possible, as quickly as possible so they get their hands on what really counts to them… your money.

Though plenty of people and companies use this marketing tactic, in many cases there is actually plenty of space, or even unlimited space, but they want you to feel rushed. In such scenarios, the salesperson wants to quickly accumulate as much money as possible from customers to have a higher profit margin. In other words, they are using a white lie to get one over on you by creating "a sense of urgency" for their own financial benefit, unfortunately. This type of dishonest tactic in business is easier to catch onto today as perceptions and intuition are quite high.

A moon in Scorpio connecting well with Neptune in Pisces helps you see through such dishonest practices behind the scenes much more easily.

Where there have been untruths, taking the higher road of honesty will put you on track and in good graces. Let go of what is less than honest and you’ll be floating on a cloud. Living honestly will raise your vibration today.

An interesting Zen meditation practice you may like to try today to boost your perceptions is where you stare at a blank white wall and peer through it to see what kind of visualization your imagination creates. This is usually done in sitting meditation pose. The white wall is the symbol of pure potential. When you let your depth perception see beyond the barrier, you can see more than just the white wall. You can see your imagination. It’s like looking at those fun art pictures that look like zig zags of repeating pixels until you adjust your eyes focal depth and see the hidden 3D image.

Overall, today is a good day to tap into your creative, insightful, perceptive and imaginative qualities. Instincts and intuition are strong now. Make truth and honesty a priority today and you can achieve good results.

Spend some time meditating if possible. There is vast potential for higher consciousness and serenity now.

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