Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for September 10, 2016

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Today can be reality check time. Reality is the more likely option that takes the lead today if you want to be productive and feel accomplished. But with your free will, you get to choose to live in practicalities or to drift off into fantasy.

To be the taskmaster today, and accomplish lots, you’ll need to stay on the straight and narrow.

I recently heard someone say “Game On” as a response of next expectations on a project. However, like Mercury retrograde indicates, until something is fully agreed upon directly, it is only an assumption. This reminds me that with Mercury retrograde, make sure you’re on the same page. The fine print is so important to read before signing too. And of course, sneaky businessmen do exist behind some of those eager smiles, so do pay attention to facts and figures and your gut instincts.

There is much real-world progress that can be made today, but to accomplish most you’ll need your focus to be practical and direct. If you're confused or unsure about anything, ask questions, or re-read the fine print.Generally, nonsense is not well received today.

If you blend between both worlds of fantasy and reality at random during the day you will feel more aimless and unfocused. It’s a good idea to get grounded with a few moments of yoga to help find your center.

Don’t expect to get lots done if you are just going with the flow today. If you’re in la la land dreaming about who know’s what, or you’re daydreaming until you’re just about ready to go into your delta brainwave mode, you’ll likely feel less accomplished by the end of the day. If you know your body and mind needs rest, great, but if you're just procrastinating or being lazy, you'll feel heavy or guilty about wasting time.

Drifting off into spiritual, philosophical thoughts has its place, but if you know you've got lots to do, try to stay focused. On the flip side, if you do work really hard and accomplish much today, you could have a spiritual realization about how to live feeling successful.

The learning that arises today can bring with it some hard truths about who we are as human beings, and prompt the need for more compassion and better understanding. Discussions on cultural barriers and disconnects between ideologies can say much about how far we have to go to reach peaceful resolutions. Most people have more work to do on being non-judgmental.

A narrow mind can stifle personal growth and progress.

To bring peace into the world, we need to overcome judgment of one another first.

If we could rise above the ego, and get over our differences and seek out commonalities, what would the world be like? Do you think it’s possible?

After all is said and done, we are working towards the Full Moon in Pisces later this week and so though material matters take precedence today, we are on the road toward a spiritual awakening.

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