Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for September 13, 2016

Autumn is just about a week away now. This is my favorite time of year. The cooler mornings have already started and are bringing brisk, renewed energy.

Yesterday Mercury and Mars were at odds. Today, the Sun and Mars are in focus, bringing attention to our activity levels and vitality. Wherever you feel you’ve been lacking in physical well being, this week brings extra focus to changing our actions, attitudes and behavior. Wherever you’re out of whack and not feeling on track, today can wake you up.

The ego comes more into focus today. Considering your health routine, are you putting in the effort mainly for looks and external validation, or are you doing it because you want more energy, vitality and well being? What is motivating you to take action?

There is a sense of being drawn to the future today. Having a longer term vision helps us get closer to manifesting the reality we want. Sometimes though, we have days where we realize that the long term vision is pretty far away and we need to come out of the clouds and down to earth in order to manifest what we want.

Today consider ways you can improve your energy and excitement to get from where you are now to that longer term vision you have for your life. You may not have perfected your strategy to getting there yet, but today is a great time to consider making some stronger plans that have a step by step approach. Past mistakes can be the best teacher to move you in your new direction.

Tomorrow I'll be talking more about the Full Moon.

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Today's Spotlight:
Moon and Saturn +
Sun and Mars -

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