Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for September 2, 2016

The Sun stands across the sky from Neptune today and Mercury retrograde meets with Jupiter in Virgo.

To relate, to give, to share, that’s the point. You can do and be so much more when your focus is on what you’re doing to help and create.

It’s a great day to dissolve the ego by spending time in meditation and contemplating what you’re doing to be of service to life.

Jupiter is only going to be in Virgo for another week. Mercury meets up with Jupiter again today, in retrograde. Jupiter reminds us to make big plans, to have big ideas, and Mercury reminds us to think about the details.

Brainstorming business plan ideas, health plan ideas, and practical ways to improve your lifestyle are recommended today. Think of positive ways to share and grow wellness all around you.

The Moon also meets up with Mercury and Jupiter today enhancing new energy. Trust your instincts to guide you to developing the skills you want to grow. Taking care of your body, mind and immediate environment is a doorway to wisdom.

This is an excellent day to visualize, imagine and dream. The energy of the Sun can put you in touch with how magical the universe is.

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Today's Spotlight:
Sun and Neptune +/-
Mercury and Jupiter +
Moon and Mercury, Jupiter +

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