Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for September 20, 2016

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Mercury is finishing off his retrograde cycle in Virgo and will be stationing direct in just a couple of days. The Sun is at the end of Virgo, ready to enter Libra in a couple of days for the Autumn Equinox.

Mercury and Pluto are in positive aspect today. This is an excellent time to do some final clearing with a fall cleansing. Like a spring cleaning, a fall cleansing gets rid of all the things you don’t need and don’t want to take with you as we enter into the autumn season.

Traditionally we stock up on foodstuffs for the upcoming winter, but it’s still warm and beautiful out, there’s plenty of time for that. Now, with Mercury retro in positive correlation with Pluto retrograde, this is a great time for a last cleanse to close out your summer.

Organizing your basement and garage, getting rid of physical clutter is highly recommended now to bring more space and a clearer flow of energy. It’s a great time to get rid of items that have old memories attached to them that you no longer want to be reminded of. However, with Mercury retrograde, you may want to hold off on your final decision to throw things out as you may change your mind in the coming days.

It’s also a great time to get rid of old habits that you repeatedly turn to that suck up a lot of your time, and consider how you could replace those auto-pilot habits with more productive habits. Instead of plunking down in front of the TV at night for hours, try setting yourself a time period where there is no TV allowed. Creating a window of time, will force you to figure out what else you could be doing with that time period and open you up to new possibilities. Perhaps there is a book you’ve been meaning to get to, or you’ve been wanting to try a new recipe, or you wanted to go watch roller derby… the possibilities are endless.

Today, and over the next few days, is a highly potent time to change and fix your health routine.

Mercury retrograde as the trickster and Pluto retrograde just may end up revealing corruption or abuse of power in business and politics. People want the truth, and can more easily see through deceptive or misleading practices now.

If someone or something holds too much power over you or is on your mind too much, it could be time to take a break or say good riddance.

With the Moon in Taurus, it is a day to get grounded and connected to living in the present moment. Using your time to the fullest, creating a healthy schedule, and clearing up your space for a better energy flow are tasks worth your while now. Create a space of time to put your feet on the ground today. It’s an excellent time to create new perspectives by getting rid of outworn energy.

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