Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for September 23, 2016

Mercury and Pluto are connecting again today. They connected just a couple of days ago when Mercury was retrograde. Now Mercury is direct, as of yesterday, and heading forward through Virgo, connecting with Pluto once again.

Sweeping things under the rug is no longer going to work. It’s time to start getting clearer in communications and practical matters. This speaks particularly to business and politics on the larger scale, and personal goals in our own lives.

Wherever there has been a lack of clarity, or confusion, untruths or even lies, people need to clean up their acts to get on track. Waiting for things to change can waste a lot of time. Now is the time to set things in order. It’s a good time to look at your goals and ambitions. Developing a plan and creating a better approach to time management is recommended.

This can be a good time to speak with a superior or authority figure. It's a good time to browse job opportunities and consider a change of career that will provide you with a different lifestyle.

Pluto will be going direct in just a few days. Between now and then we are all going to feel like we’re in a transition period to get our lives heading in the direction we want. In politics and business people are tired of doublespeak and want real answers.

Venus transits from Libra to Scorpio today at 10:51 am EDT. Relationships based on passion could find magnetism is on the rise. However, Scorpio being a sign known for jealousy and Venus about possessions could result in some dramatic interactions where trust is an issue. Hopefully though, with Venus having been in Libra for the past few weeks, your relationships have been finding honesty and respectfulness a priority.

It’s not a great time to have emotionally charged talks about differences in beliefs. It’s also not a great day to gamble as it could leave you feeling vulnerable and unbalanced.

It’s a good day to enjoy the company of someone you love, to dream and experience the romantic side of life.

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Today's Spotlight:
Moon and Venus, Neptune +
Mercury and Pluto +
Moon and Sun, Jupiter -
Venus transits from Libra to Scorpio at 10:51 am EDT

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