Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for September 25, 2016

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I love the study of personalities and the wide variety of social and psychological factors that come into play. From universal, archetypal characteristics we read about in myth and epic stories, to the everyday concerns of modern day citizens; from the vast internal world of the introvert to the wide array of experiences of the extrovert, I find it all so fascinating.

Astrology is a tool that explores all the various parts of our lives. It helps us to see different angles of our relationships and circumstances so we can make better sense of our experiences. Tarot is also about the human experience, and showcases various facets of life through allegorical, artistic representations.

I have a background in theatre arts (among many other subjects that have caught my interest over the years). Theatre is like astrology and tarot, in that it is an exploration of life’s circumstances. It puts a spotlight on the happenings of life, our thoughts and feelings, and helps us to see the many different angles of who we are. Ultimately, by using these tools, we get to better understand humanity as a whole. We are all more alike than we realize.

Today the Moon is in Leo. This represents tapping into the creative, expressive, theatrical side of your personality. As Shakespeare reminded us, all the world is a stage. You can participate in the drama, as one of the actors. You get to choose your role in situations by playing your part however you wish.

The Moon is not in positive relation to Venus in Scorpio today. This can signify a bit (or maybe even a lot) of drama is possible in relationships, especially if there are jealousies or money issues at play. If you feel like someone is, or has been, wearing a mask, it can feel like there's a need for a reveal now.

However, the Sun and Jupiter in Libra today symbolize the ability to shine light on the situation to bring balance and harmony now. If you’re not caught up in the drama, you may need to be the one that brings sense to the situation or even act as a mediator. You get to choose your role.

Libra, an air sign, indicates communicating positive points of view and finding balanced solutions is your best bet to improve relations.

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Today's Spotlight:
Moon transits from Cancer to Leo at 9:48 am EDT
Moon and Venus -
Moon and Sun, Jupiter +

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