Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for September 3, 2016

Today is an overall positive day astrologically. The Moon is positively connected with Goddes of Love, Venus. This is wonderful for feeling an appreciation for the beauty and harmony in life.

Caring for your body is especially highlighted now. It’s important to be in touch with your senses. Food especially can be an important part of nurturing now, whether you are providing a nourishing meal to someone else or putting a lot of love into the food you are making, food creates bonds.

As you know I am an advocate of yoga. It brings alignment to the physical body and increases a sense of well being, among many other benefits, perfect for the Moon and Venus in alignment today. With the Moon growing, now in Libra, there is emphasis on the importance of emotional balance and peacefulness with being present with your body. It's a great time for a heart chakra centered, balancing yoga session.

Singers will find practicing your voice, gently feeling embodied and singing from the diaphragm today can bring out lovely harmony.

It’s also an excellent day to stop and smell the roses. The rose is associated with Venus and its beauty and fragrance offers peace and warmth to the mind, body and spirit.

Those into beauty will find wearing soft pinks to be especially comforting and harmonious now.

The Moon is also in positive connection with Saturn today. A slower, moderate pace today is good for your well being. You will feel more accomplished by being in the moment.

Pushing yourself a little outside your comfort zone is not necessary today, but when you do put in time and effort to accomplish anything you care about, the emotional benefits can be rewarding. It is best to be at peace with all you do today.

Showing that you care today can warm your heart and the hearts of those around you.

Your New Weekly Horoscopes will be posted later today.

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Moon and Venus, Saturn +

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