Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for September 5, 2016

Welcome to Monday. It’s Labour Day for many of us now. It’s time to spend some time relaxing, enjoying a bit of sunshine, and maybe even being a bit lazy or catching up on some much needed rest.

Nearly every day, planets in the sky are making specific aspects to one another to speak of. Today, the only thing happening specifically is the Moon enters Scorpio. There are no major, exact aspects between any of the planets, or the Sun and the Moon in the chart of the sky for today. They are still in connection, just not to the specific, exact degrees.

Of course, the planets are still active and in motion. Most likely, many planets are in close aspect, connecting with planets in your own personal birth chart today signifying specific, personal nuances to your own, individual life. Although there is a bigger picture theme that is a part of our daily life, and we have a common thread that connects us all in life, for each of us there are also nuances that our personal charts can reveal more about our lives and personalities as well.

You can think of it as you being an actor playing a character in a play. The play has a main theme, but also allows you to improvise along the way. Though there is a bigger production going on, with the lights, scenes, situations, props, interaction of characters, and a main theme to work within, you as the individual actor bring along a whole lot of unique qualities specific to your personal life experiences that you can add to your character's role. Though there is a main theme, you have the free will and flexibility to improvise and make personal choices that add color and flair to the production.

Today is a day to tap into your emotional resources and to access deeper aspects of your personality. Where is your behavior and reactions to life rooted from? When you are faced with a specific situation, what is your go-to reaction? How did that kind of reaction develop over the years to become a part of how you react today? What are your natural instincts? What experiences have you gone through that have become the person you are today? What memories, good or bad, do you hold onto that affect how you behave and react today? What are you ready to let go of so you can have a healthier way of thinking and a better psychology?

Like I said, today could be a lazier day for most, so self-assessment and deep inner reflection may actually happen when you’re at rest, or happen on subconscious levels when you’re sleeping. Meditation or daydreaming, or resting by a lake on the beach can tap you into an exploration of your inner psyche.

Since our intuitive faculties are enhanced today, simple observation of behavior can reveal a lot about who people are.

When the Moon is in Scorpio, it is your psychological profile that gets attention, the part of you that is behind the scenes, the inner you that most people don’t always fully see.

Wherever there is drama in your life, be sure to take a step back and assess how you are playing your role, adding to the way the story unfolds.

Enjoy the reflective, self discovery today.

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Moon transits from Libra to Scorpio at 8:38 a.m. EDT

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