Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for September 7, 2016

Jupiter enters Libra in just a couple of days. This is the last of the final stretch of Jupiter in Virgo for about 11 more years. Jupiter will return to Virgo on July 26, 2027.

While Jupiter has been in Virgo over the past year, growing our skills and talents has been supported. Getting the big picture of our lives and the little details to work together has been recommended for best results. Better practices in health and wellness have been in focus and spending time developing our philosophy on life has been helpful in personal growth. It’s also been a great time to focus on making business plans and improving your lifestyle routines.

Mercury is now retrograde in Virgo, having us take a closer look at what we’ve been doing day in and day out. This would be a great time to look through previous writings in journals and workbooks and assess if you’ve grown in the way you planned. If not, what’s your next step?

The Sun in Virgo is connecting nicely with Pluto in fellow earth sign Capricorn today. This is great for business and career planning, taking care of your health and organizing your space. Getting rid of clutter is recommended so you can have a clean slate and better energy flow. With Mercury retrograde it may be best to not throw out those things you aren’t 100% sure on, but you can temporarily store them away until you’re ready to have one last look-through before you say your final goodbye.

The point is to clear up and organize the environment around you so you can have clearer thinking and a more streamlined way toward your goals.

Venus and Saturn are connecting nicely today as well, which is great for being grounded and balanced. Being present in the here and now and in touch with the beautiful, harmonious side of reality will help you to feel more at peace. The beauty and fragrance of plants and flowers can provide a sense of personal sustenance. It's a good time to finish cleaning up your garden.

Barriers to your heart can be worked through today. Truth, honesty and equality are highly valued now. Love can bridge cultural divides.

Positive psychology, health and well being is the best approach to bring comfort and harmony to life today. Getting rid or negative attachments and fears, and keeping your thoughts and feelings uplifted and focused on the positive will have you more in tune with the cosmos now.

The Moon enters Sagittarius later in the day. Humor and an open mind are recommended this evening for best results.

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Today's Spotlight:
Sun and Pluto +
Venus and Saturn +
Moon and Mercury, Jupiter +
Moon transits from Scorpio to Sagittarius 9:20 p.m. EDT

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