Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for September 8, 2016

Today starts with a leaning towards progress. Common sense makes tasks and responsibilities easier to achieve. Consistency and effort with a touch of flexibility brings great potential to the day. It's a good day to be practical rather than dreamy.

Emotions and reactions are likely to be more reserved for most today which can work to your advantage. If you’re generally the more wispy type that goes with the flow of your imagination, today can be more grounding for you so you can get practicalities in order.

Your charming qualities will blend well with the sensitive side of others now. Intuition works well today. Being receptive, listening and inviting can attract positive encounters.

Self care of your body and mind is recommended today. Serene environments can bring you peace and quiet that helps you find your inner equilibrium.

Remembering someone you love from the past could bring up strong emotions today.

If possible, spend some time appreciating art, not just for their beauty but for the thoughtfulness, work and effort that goes into creating masterpieces. Whether browsing online or at a gallery, the inspiration and interest of the arts can bring good influence and a sense of harmony to your day.

This is the last day Jupiter is in Virgo until 2027. Make it a good one.

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Today's Spotlight:
Moon and Saturn +/-
Moon and Neptune -
Moon and Venus +

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